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May 15, 2010


I had a nice event last night at the Track 16 Gallery in Santa Monica, where I was interviewed by the great Jane Smiley, who has a new book of her own out. I'm reading it, and it's terrific, and I thank her for taking time out from talking about her work of genuine literature to ask me questions about booger jokes. The event was organized by Mr. Ted Habte-Gabr, who was also the field coordinator for my nearly successful 2008 presidential campaign, which is still generating momentum in the form of Ted's license plate.


Today I'll be at Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe, Arizona. I have no earthly idea where I'll be tomorrow.


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What was it we did wrong in '08 that Dave didn't win??

That's right, they wanted the African American guy...

Isn't Barry the name Barack used when he first went into politics? Ted might be a mole.

Where's the mullet, Ted?

Make sure you have your papers, Dave, and don't speak with an accent.

Dave I think you get to come home after Tempe, AZ. Are you tired yet?

Dave will be appearing in Mexico City next.

Ted Habbity-Gabbity! How's the mullet?

We all have our fun names for Ted..

GoshDANGIT!!! You mean Dave had an L.A. area appearance last night and I was completely unaware?!!??

You've really got to strumpet a bit more aggressively, Dave.

I liked "Moo" and "Horse Heaven."

*taps foot waiting for Amazon to deliver Dave's new book.*

What is this? Washing hands and coating them with sanitizer goop are no longer good enough - we have to actually change them now??

Miami is a foreign country. You need your Florida passport to visit AZ (or just about any other place in the USofA). Leave the snake at home.

maybe it will be on book tv!!

Hey, it's Ted Habber-Gabbit Hamster-Grabber Gabby-Hobbit Mulletman! Long time no see, Ted!

Dave wrote a book?

Where I can buy Dave's book?

I looked in the Twilight section of the book department in Wal-Mart, but Dave's book was not there! Dave should appear at Wal-Marts.

Tash - have you ever actually been to Arizona? Recently? Have you actually read the bill, and rider?

Actually read the bill?? Nonsense, Azred! Why-so-ever-for??? Our Attorney General hasn't.

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