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May 14, 2010


The giant publicity machine never stops.


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I've gone fart over booger, but I was drunk and stumbling.

Nice interview, Mr Barry.

(Did anyone else know he wrote a book?)

But .... but .... but, ..... the word "booger" is way funnier than the word "fart"! While they both may lack the lyrical depth of, say, "chair", you cannot ignore the rich, throaty character of "booger" in favor of the blunt, abrupt harshness of "fart".

I am truly disheartened. All I can say is, well, .....

Dave should be on the Food Channel endorsing his own brand of BBQ tongs. "Perfect for snake wrangling."

I thought about Dave's snake story the other night when a giant LIZARD (about 3 inches long) ran across my living room floor. These things may happen in Florida but almost never here in N.C. My lab and cat were huddled together in the corner of the room looking at me nervously. So I did the only sane thing possible. I got a broom, scooped him into a dustpan and then into an empty garbage can and set him free outside. I had to have an adult beverage after I did that.

Meanie, imagine a world where one could fart boogers...

Nice interview, Sir Blog.

Siouxie, yuck. If that were to happen the quality of the comments on this blog would go down significantly a little don't you think?

When's the Field and Stream interview ?

Try chewing a fart. Everyone's doing it, doing it, doing it...

Cannot wait for the new Dave Barry movie. my family and i have watched Big Trouble many times, because we love funny movies. hope Tim gets to be in Dave's new movie.

The question is: which is more biodegradable: a fart or a booger? Which one is going to pollute the planet more? According to many, farts will kill us all, but I think it could be that a booger is much more dangerous, due to whatever terrorist virus it contains. Ebola boogers are not something to play around with.

Which ones would need more carbon-credits under our new cap and trade? What country farts the most? Which country produces the most boogers? Can a fart melt a polar ice cap even if it happens near the equator? Can a booger kill a dolphin?

Where's the science?

I'm so glad Time Magazine was thoughtful enough to ask you this very important issue...in fact, this very most enjoyable interview might sell enough issues, that they could afford to hire a few more of those poor reporters back that lost their jobs due to...not having enough good booger stories!

(Okay...so I have NOT read your booger book, but it's on my list of UP--- THINGS TO DO, right after I see my first sequoia.)

By the way...have you tried talking to snakes Dave? A few good snake colonoscopy jokes, would have got them laughing hard enough to wither away.."Did you hear about the snake who was covered in pink MoviPrep? ..."
(Finish joke here....)

I grew up in the Everglades, and whenever they wrapped themselves around MY windowsill, I found that if you just said, "Hello" they usually were very nice...and kept on sleeping...if you left the back door open, they usually left when they woke up..but that's the key. Leave the back door open...or get a good snake dog. I take it Lucy is a ...lover.

Unless of course it's a coral snake...they do NOT sleep...RUN.

The fire ants on the other hand, usually responded rather well to rap music. Make sure the rapper is right in the middle of the colony, or it doesn't work.

You're welcome. Thanks for sharing!

This is why there's a Nature CHANNEL, so we don't have to experience it first-hand. I will enjoy watching this on my lizard-and-snake-free comfortable indoor environment, thank you...

Is that a new chord?

Dave you are not getting more minor all the time unless that was a way-too-subtle music allusion.

At least not in a major way.

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