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May 13, 2010


Word is that The Blog's visit to the kilted one will be next week instead of tonight.


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I hope the green room has food and a bathroom if you're going to be waiting that long.

On Craig Ferguson's site it says that Dave and Robert Downey, Jr. will be on tonight. I wouldn't mind seeing RD, Jr. in a kilt either. Has the Blog mentioned if he will be kilted also?

Errrrgh....thanks for letting us know, judi....Craig, no cookies for you!

*evil Irish stare at yet another Scot who has let me down*

Judi, perhaps this is a ploy on the part of Dave to take you to the kilted one's show so that you can meet him! Of course you will have to give him a hug and kiss from all us blog ladies. (Craig Ferguson not Dave. Unless you just want to.)

Oh well...we'll have more time to bombard Craig's email with requests for a kilted Dave.

OMG, they kilted Kenny!

*Hauls over belated WAVE to Siouxie from previous thread*

*Is actually glad that Dave will be on next week, because of getting up early in the morning to drive to Houston to attend girlduckling's graduation from Rice U*

Y'all have a good weekend! Cross your fingers it doesn't rain on the graduation ceremony!

Fingers duly crossed, Ducky; and congratulations to the duckling. Rice ain't easy:)

Congratulations Ducky. Best wishes to girlduckling.

Dave's on Craig's guest list at 12:40 am...

are you sure it is next week?

DAVE IS ON CRAIG FERGUSON TONIGHT!! They just showed who the guests were for tonight and there was Dave and Robert Downey, Jr.'s pictures. Craig Ferguson also looks very hot! He is unkilted.

Craig folded like a cheap gardening bra. Isn't it amazing what some guys will do for cookies?

Exactly what are in those cookies, Annie? Can I have the recipe?

Dave got bumped! I will never watch Craig Ferguson's show again. If he hadn't spent so much time acting stupid it wouldn't have happened. I'm very disappointed.

If he hadn't spent so much time acting stupid it wouldn't have happened.
Craig Ferguson was the one acting stupid. Not Robert Downey, Jr. or Dave. A very bad show tonight.

Craig, ju got some 'splainin' to do!

Craig, as a dad who was once a boy, I understand the temptation to act up sometimes. Matter of fact, it's possible I got away with stuff you haven't even thought up, and vice versa.

But I want you to know that I'm not angry with you. However, I am very, VERY disappointed in your behavior. Good talk? Thank you. Now go wash every Dave Barry fans' car nationwide, starting in Denver.

It'll build character.

Dave wasn't bumped. they filmed his bit to be programmed at a later date (Monday?)

wait, oh yeah, that's impossible. Craig is recorded live.

Craig just changed his tie to make it look like a new show.

I mean he will have changed his tie to make it look like a new show.

It's the magic of television.

/I'll bet Dave talks about breasts at some point of the "future" interview.

I don't think Dave was bumped. I think he saw how dumb the show was beoming and ran away. I know I would have. When Craig gets finished washing cars in Denver he can just come on over to the Charlotte area and wash mine. I have learned to never doubt or question the SB, Judi.

A Duck that doesn't want rain? Huh......

(Just kidding - good luck, congrats, and look out for flying hats)

I thought Kristen Bell and the Robot Skeleton were great.

Dave is on craigslist?

And congrats to the duckling! Well done! It has been known to sprinkle a little in Houston in May, but I hope it's nice for y'all. The Sallyport and the live oaks make a beautiful setting for the ceremony.

Don't miss your chance to "play Anderson Hall" while you're there. Run your thumb over the line of holes in the marble around the doors. It's a stupid job but someone's got to maintain the traditions! WRC'75

I am so confused. I missed Dave, but I didn't miss Dave?

Was that a shout-out to Siouxie at the end? Why did she write to ask Craig to ask Dave about women's breasts? Or was this some non-blog "Susie" nonentity trying to confuse us?...

Yawn, I watched the whole show and agree with nursecindy--it was lame. Poor Dave, had to watch it all in the green room and then go home?

Like Robert Downey with Iron Man 2, this is why Craig is last on the strumpdate schedule...

Wasn't me, Allen. I always listen to the s.b. and if she informed us that it won't be till next week, I'm not watching till then. I can never stay up late enough anyways but I'd do it for a kilted Dave ;-)

Oh yeah and Congrats on the graduating Duckling!!!!

*Waves @ JD!!!*

Congrats to the duckling!!!

Congrats to Duckling graduating from the Harvard of the South.

And have fun in Houston. We've got lots of great restaurants.

Just to clarify, when Judi says "tomorrow night" she means "a morning of a day yet to be determined that might fall within the current calendar year." Or possibly not.

... I hope it's nice for y'all.

'Course, I meant to say for all y'all. Musta stayed in Illinois a day too long.

It was nice knowing you, Horace.

I don't get it. Is Dave now trapped in a rift in the space-time continuum? WithOUT a kilt?

add my congrats to duckling.

I've just been informed that Dave is doing a not-so-public (limited to 100 or so it seems) "talk" with former LA mayor Richard Riordan. How do I come by this knowledge? My dad will be in attendance, and he just called while driving to the event to ask, "What do I need to know when I meet Dave Barry?"

I "answered" him with another question: "Do you have a giant bandage?"

Will there be moles attending this so-called "talk?"

Ho hum.

*strums fingers while waiting for new blog material . . .*

Nice picture WriterDude.

*appreciates danceswithvowels appropriate usage of the southern second person aggregate pronoun, all y'all.*

So how's your momenem?

HLB -- I was not that well informed.

NC -- Thank you. (Fun fact -- Ridley took the pic.)

pogo -- No props for my correct usage of the apostrophe in a plural possessive? ;-)

friday afternoon and the rain falls from a leaden sky in a steady smear that is so damn depressing that it chases every bit of life into far corners too remote to see.

the blog is vacant. ("hello!")no echo. the rain stuffs my voice back in my head and i gag on it's futility. it's like this every friday. i wonder if every other blogger has an angelfood cake job where happy hour starts at noon and they're all sipping margaritas and watching table dancers while i'm left on my own to man the salt mines. lucky bastards.

(wipes rain from glasses)

jack bauer he flies 'round the world
chasing those terrorist squirrels
but i'm here to say
barry manilow's gay
something something rhymes with squirrel


Girl rhymes with squirrel, mudstuffin. Of course all of Jack's girlfriends end up dead. I've been busy writing, I will never doubt Judi again, 100 times.

hurl also rhymes with squirrel, mud.

Nice one, mud-ud-ud-ud....

Happy hour at noon - not
margaritas - not
table dancers - not

It rains every Friday there? Interesting...

I saw a Craig Ferguson taping last week & only one of the three geusts actually aired that night. It seems that Craig's show is sliced & diced together depending on when guests can show up.

The taping was a great deal of fun, BTW.

Muuud, mis-use of "it's" penalty.... You are hearby sentenced to an afternoon of adult beverages, wearing a kilt.


---------------->new post --------------->

Writer - while correct usage of punctuation to denote possession is commendable,it is not particularly noteworthy.

On the other hand, Tash's incorrect correction of Mud's "it's" will cost him half the distance to the goal.

Mud, you are not alone. I just ran an errand during lunch. I must now resume committing software.


Five-drink penalty to pogo for incorrect gender application. Tash is and always will be a chick.

hey, i'd have doubted me too, after seeing his photo at the beginning... i guess they don't change it, even when they bump someone. which is annoying. but anyway, the blog himself told me he was bumped... so i hadda blog it for anyone who would believe me ;)

You bloggers get a bit testy (not "teste") when you're (not "your") bored (not "board").

I like it!

Sorry, Tash. It's dark in here and I couldn't tell at this distance. (You're kind of tall for a chick - I like that.)

pogo> So how's your momenem?

Several possible choices on how to answer that, depending on what kind of southern we're talkin' ...

1) 'Emsallgood.
2) Thay's all good.
3) Ain't no sech thang.
4) Montpelier Whut?

Thank yew fur axin' askin'!

They's finer 'n frogs har.

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