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May 14, 2010


Lesson #1: Always take note of which name is in the "To:" field before you hit send.

(Thanks to Steve "The Other Steve" Lancaster)


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A hot looking principal? How come I never had one?

That was my first thought too PiratteBoy. Where was she when I was going through puberty?

Done this so I feel her pain LOL

What's the big effing deal?

I third the "hot principal" comments...she can talk as dirty as she likes to me!

A pottie mouth hottie mouth? Alsome.

Hey, I can at least appreciate that she's passionate enough about running her school to give a sh--.

A hot looking principal? How come I never had one?

Posted by: PiratteBoy | May 14, 2010 at 03:05 PM

Notwithstanding the old expression "Smoother than the inside of the math teacher's thigh."

I always thought that is how principals were supposed to reply to emails in south Florida.

I'm with Horace L. Seems awfully overblown. I think they should get the anaconda/spider guy and make him Asst principal. NO one will want to get sent there.......

And I thought this was how principals were supposed to look and dress in south Florida.

I fully understand the uproar of parents upon seeing such an email written by a principal. It should, of course, read "Eat sh--, and die." [Note comma placement].

No f@#king way I'm gonna post a f$&king comment on this f85king thread.

Hot, indeed. That aside, no one should be fired for fulfilling the fondest dream of an entire profession.
One of my co-workers in the food inspection business earned my lasting admiration one day. A man with a grill in a hot food stand on a hot day refused to close and clean, when it was clearly needed.
My friend taped the entire stand shut with Quarantine tape, with the man inside. He then rounded up a State Trooper and told both the trooper and the man inside that it was a violation of the law to break the tape (it was).
The man surrendered ten minutes later, severely overheated.
There have been many times when I wished I could do something like that.

At least she didn't emulate John Goodman in Treme and tell the parent, "F#&k you, you f#*king f&$k!"

Well, did the parent do as she suggested?

Fire her? Make her Secretary of Education!

I note a gender gap in expressions of outrage and admiration for the principal. I cannot imagine what might be the reason for that divide.

Yow,Baby. Detension me.

No, no, no - the principal was recommending that new grammar book - "Eats, Sh!ts, and Dies."

I don't know why the blog guys are all drooling over her. She's not all that. Not that I'm jealous or anything.

Gotta be careful what you send in an e-mail. Sometimes as well as misaddressing it, sometimes people forward an e-mail that you might not want them to.

cindy, she's a grade school principal, and thus subject to a lower standard than you naughty nurses, you with your wicked white stockings and "sexy but sensible" shoes.

My grade school principal by contrast wore floor length nun's robes, and no, I do NOT find that a turn-on to this day.

Considering wearing this around the Grove... http://www.palmercash.com/p-3233-mens-eat-sht-and-die-t-shirt.aspx

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