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May 27, 2010


A TELLY mindreading star was excused jury duty after fears he might wreck the trial.

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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...but then he KNEW that would happen.

I was tossed off a jury pool because I asked if the prosecution or defense had checked to see if the law under question was still valid and had been checked on the morning of the trial.

Turned out that no one had done it. From what I heard as the attorneys stormed out, none of them knew how to check.

Darn you Allen, get out of my brain!

Patrick Jane would say there is no such thing as psychics.

If Jack Bauer got jury duty, he'd manage to uncover a conspiracy that went all the way up to the judge, and there's be at least 9 dead jurors and a court reporter with a bullet in her thigh. Then, in the second hour...

Actually, didn't they use this plot on Lie to Me?

Lairbo, it'd still take Jack at least 8 hours to find the mole in the jury.

I was picked for jury duty about 7 years ago. I admitted, under questioning, that I had been the victim of violence, smoked crack. and committed various other anti-social acts.

Not only was I put on the jury, I was elected jury foreman.

There are absolutely 'No Telly Mindreaders Allowed' in my jacuzzi.... but i might consider a hung jury...

(No Trunks, Shaved Biebers or Loose Snakes, Please!)

He turned up at court after being called to sit on a case.

I never realized mind-reading worked through that end.

Meanie, most of them are just talking outta their @ss...so yeah.

Same thing happened to me wiredog. I think I even mentioned I believed in the death penalty for speeding tickets. I was also the foreman. Or forewoman. Siouxie, I couldn't have said it better.

I KNEW Allen at Division was going to post that . . .

Drew, I thought he might but then I realized there were no mentions of nekkid women or boobs so I wasn't sure.

The judge dismissed Mr. McAdam after recognizing him to be the husband of the woman he's been "presiding" over.

I got out of jury duty once. Know how I did it?
I said that I would be perfect for jury duty because I can spot guilty people immediately.
They didn't seem to want me after that.

Well, I'm a fan of "The Mentalist", too. (Okay, I'm really a fan of Amanda Righetti...*S*)
Also, SNL's skit "World of the Psychic" with Bill Murray as Peter Venkman.

But then, you knew that was coming.

I certainly did.

I saw it in the Early Edition.

"But he admits his abilities are due to a lifetime of studying human behaviour." An honest psychic? Didn't see that coming.

Is he certified?

There are no minds to read in Washington.

Outlook hazy. Try again later.

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