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May 24, 2010


San Francisco in 1906, right before the earthquake -- filmed from a cable car:

(Thanks to this blog's cousin Amy)


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They had music to 'shroom by in 1906? Who knew?

I guess it IS San Francisco.

But I still hate Ashbury.

If you want to see the modern version, come to Houston. We too have light rail sharing the streets with vehicles and pedestrians, and it too can be fun to watch. We've even had a bus try to beat the train and get hit, as well as people on cell phones neither see or hear the train and turn in front of it.

So this was before 'Fashion-conscious men discovered the delights of a few extra inches...'?


Based on the description I was expectin', you know, some actual earthquake.

Hard to tell from the footage, but even then I think Dave was wearing a blue shirt.

Cable cars caused the SF Earthquake of '06?

Hu gnu?

(And CA driving (or pedestrianistical) habits haven't changed much in the last 100 years ... merely sayin' ... )

I thought t'was jubblies that caused earthquakes . . .

That footage must have been taken before they built all the hills.

My first thought was to call, "Shenanigans! Too flat to be SF." But then I remembered Market St. Sure enough, if you view it directly on Youtube, the description places it there, in 1905.

You might to do that, by the way. Viewing it in the blog truncates the right edge.

We only run over out-of-towners. Hesitate, and you're one with the pavement. It's our own natural immigrant policy.

The horse on the left is gay.

1. Looks like traffic in Miami

2. Why the p0rn music?

@. Thank you all for your kind words and birthday other event wishes!

I was going to ask you, Siouxie, if this was much like Miami, but I thought at that time you were still in Cuba.

*Snork & SMACK* @ Annie.

I'm almost that old...but NO ;P

I confess to being an idiot - but how are the cablecars actually moving without, you know, cables? Did they have gas engines in 1906?

I left my harp in Sam Frank's disco . . .

(punchline to an old joke . . .)

Guin, under the roadbed.

I also watched it on youtube. It said it was 1905.

Very cool, by the way, even with the psychedelic music. It was amazing how many morons walked right in front of the car or drove across the track. Amazing there weren't more dead horses.

You can get it to look like a quake if you shake your monitor really hard . . .

Please stop shaking your monitors and tempting fate! Cali is not your own personal snowglobe, tyvm.

OH? oops!!

Dang, sorry 'bout that, Annie ...

Of course that grainy footage fails to capture the true essence of what all those horse-drawn carriages leave behind in the public walkways.


The Apple Store was a lot smaller back then.

Amazing. Obviously before archaeologists discovered the traffic laws. The number of cars is a surprise. The two young idiots that kept running in front of the camera showed that we may be more sophisticated but we are not more intelligent.

Did you see the Starbucks?

Ah, Jeff explains the technicality.

This is such a good video - good music, too. Here's what the same ride looked like in 2005, which just goes to show you how smart they were to put Steve McQueen on their police force back in 1968. He really knew his way around town.

Very few women.

Wonder what the mortality rate was with all those street-level rail lines and no traffic signals. Around this same time here in Chicago, the average was one death per day.

To see the earthquake you have to hold F11.

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