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May 19, 2010


A woman ran over herself after reaching for the coffee she realized she left on the roof of her vehicle.

(Thanks to W. von Papineau and Ken Morgan)


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And she never spilled a drop!

1. The grammar stinks.
2. Drinking her coffee before driving might have made her awake enough to know not to step out of a car with the transmission engaged.


If it had been a beer instead of coffee, I could have gotten her a Wisconsin license.

Exactly, Siouxie.

Alert the Darwin Award people; incoming!

My mother-in-law has always insisted that coffee will kill you. Fortunately, I always wanted to be awake to see it coming.

Grounds for a lawsuit?

um, DUUUH.

A really good cup of coffee is supposed to take care of that run-down feeling.

At 41, she's not old. But if she keeps this habit up she won't get old IYKWIM.

Good one, Meanie.

Kissimmee - THAT answers it!

What!? She wasn't in a McD's parking lot?

Fitting, TF8.

How did that comment get here?
*moves it to prev thread*

Precisely why one should only get coffee at one of those drive-thrus with the bikini-clad baristas.

What's even more shocking is the alert, or that they felt the need for it:

Portions Of 'Biggest Loser,' '90210' Preempted For Severe Weather
Because of a tornado warning, portions of "The Biggest Loser" and "90210" were preempted on Tuesday. The programs can be viewed at NBC.com and CWtv.com.

A Florida driver's license is forthcoming...


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