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May 24, 2010


Tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern Apocalypse Time: The two-hour grand finale.

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Related email:

I’m an ER doctor who also happens to be a rabid “24” fan.  Not too long ago, I was working the night shift.  Over the course of about an hour, two different people came in with bilateral gunshot wounds to the thighs.  You heard me right.  Two people who were shot in both thighs.  Immediately after seeing the second patient, I thought to myself, “Jack Bauer’s in town and boy is he pissed.”
-- Todd Larson


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Jack's really dead.
Nina killed him in the first hour, & all this time time he's been struggling to make things right with everyone in his world....

...hmmm, seems i just saw that ending somewhere else...

^ time

For some reason I have this image of Jack appointing Edgar his successor at something or other.

The best part of all of this -- I won't have to watch the finale -- I'll just wait for the Amazing Steve.

Oh, is that tonight ?

It's got to be better than the last 10 minutes of the LOST finale, right?

Here's my ending: Jack comes home, desperately in need of a hot shower. But as he approaches the bathroom, he hears the shower is already running! Drawing his weapon (so to speak), he throws back the shower curtain to reveal strategically foamy Agent Freckles, who assures Jack it's all been a dream.

I think at the end of the show Jack will wake up in bed next to Suzanne Pleshette.

I'm lost.

Ready to do this one final time! See ya tonight!

I'll be working tonight so I'll have to catch Jack after I get home. Going to miss blogging tonight and you all.

I'll be in a barn tonight that barely has cell phone reception. I'll probably wait until the show is in reruns.

NYM, I think the shower with Freckles is a better option than the bed with Suzanne, and I'm pretty sure Jack will back me up on that.

I missed the last two weeks of the liveblog between computer issues and work, but I'll be here tonight.

Hey, I've been watching this show since the series premiere all those long years ago; I've got to see how it all turns out...

As long as there is no music by Journey while the credits roll it should be acceptable.

So, nothing on tonight except How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory.

Tonight: Jack goes batsh!t crazy. Same batsh!t time. Same batsh!t channel!

As eventful as this may be, I may or may not be here due to the fact that I will be celebrating another event ;)

Will catch up with y'alls probably during the last hour or so. Carry on and make me proud!

I may be banned from the blog for this, but, I've never watched an episode of '24'. Or 'Lost'.

happy other event, siouxie!


Jack Bauer is not to be messed with.


Still Alive President Allstate

----seriously, look for the return of someone we thought was long gone...

Audrey, frecjles, Edgar, Aaron, Allstate or
Marwan (my choice)...

wishful thinking?

Will Dave be joining us in the bloggin' tonite?

I vote for Bill.

Jack Bauer doesn't have grand finales. Every other character will have their grand finale when they meet Jack.

Also, Jack Bauer will let the networks know when he is done saving the planet. The networks don't decide when the season is over.

Ready to do this one final time! See ya tonight!

Posted by: Steve (The 24 Guy)

That's one thing I'm really gonna miss in the future - oh, a lot more than the show itself.


Hey, here's a new show we *might* consider blogging
next fall...

CBS's remake of HAWAII FIVE-OH!

Can you picture...

McGarrett Has a personal grudge against Woa Wei Fatt, due to a long plane ride back to Hawaii on Aloha AirLines, due to excessive flatulence Fatt had.

McGarrett, on exiting the plane, told Fatt "I wish
you'd keep your smells to yourself." Fatt, who was
hard of hearing,, and hypersensitive, heard it as
"I fish your hells you elf" which he took as a personal insult, and vowed to kill McGarrett.

Thus two enemies are made, while the stewardess told them to take it outside.

McGarrett called Danny and told him "I think we have
a problem." Danny, who had been searching for
a certain Jonathan Higgins who owes Taxes and is
suspected in several tax scams, agrees. Danny doesn't realize McGarrett was talking about him.

Take it away, Amazing Steve....

(a suggestion) anythoughts anyone?

A remake of Hawaii Five-O? Isn't that what CSI: Miami already is?

Although David Caruso's Jack Lord impersonation has always seemed a bit forced...

How many other events has it been, Siouxie?

Have a Great One!

Tony is my vote for Returning Character.

I'm really hoping for Martha Logan to finish Handbag off.

Lemme also say Happy "Other Event" Siouxie!! and many more!

Siouxie, if anyone asks your age like mtb just did, ask them if they can keep a secret. When they say yes just tell them, "So can I". I had a 100 year old patient that told me that once and I thought it was the best answer I'd ever heard. It works for anything you don't want to answer. One question I have is why will NMUA be in a barn tonight?

Since Siouxie is exactly fifteen days older than me, I know how many "other events" she will be celebrating. Happy Other Event, Siouxie!!!

Where does the line for spankings start?

A reflective Jack Bauer?? Seems like a contradiction to me...

And Five-O will always have plenty of work to do if they simply switch from Aloha Airlines to Oceanic...

". . . . I've never watched an episode of '24'. Or 'Lost'."

Posted by: wiredog

Wdog, you should watch it tonight. It's your last chance to see how incredibly quick these bloglits actually are.
(Way too fast for me, I just lurk.)

We're quick? At what?

Thank you, insom, Meanie, Coast & Hammie! (you can spank me anytime as long as *I* get to return the favor!)

I may be banned from the blog for this, but, I've never watched an episode of '24'. Or 'Lost'.

Posted by: wiredog | May 24, 2010 at 01:20 PM

Me neither, wd. Solidarity in non-watching!

You using your dress machete on the cake tonight, Siouxie?

So who would win in a no-holds-barred blade match -- Siouxie or Locke?

I will truly miss all the comments and The Amazing Steve's totaling amazing recap every week. Monday's won't be the same without any perimeters....

*waits 4 Dave's final 'Here is where we stand'....* (tear)

Why did Jack just look like House?

I haven't watched 24 or Lost either. Can we blob about NCIS instead?

I saw this Eastern Apocalypse really horrible

I am such a huge fan myself that's why when I stumbled on http://bestmilitarysurplus.com/more-then-the-punisher-shirt-what-would-the-punisher-buy-from-a-military-surplus-store/, I decided to buy some jack bauer 24 gear.

I love to watch 24 TV Show online. B'coz I am a big fan of Jack and to watch his performance still I am hooked up with this show.

It is curious and kinda funny to read all the comments when the ending is already known. But I still have to confess I am watching the series online all over again - just because I enjoy it so much, and some moments are already forgotten.

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