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May 17, 2010


Tonight at 9 p.m. Eastern Enhanced Interrogation Time. Be here, or be a rear.


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Oh my. That's gotta hurt when she sits down.

That pic is almost certainly nsfw....

That pic is almost certainly nsf anything! I'll bet it's a lot of fun to watch her sit on a leather chair, outside, in the summer.

GAH! OK, I'll watch! I'll watch!

Plus I heard on the radio that Jack's giving the ex-president the Bauer Special tonight, and that little poopweasel's the reason I stopped watching in the first place.


the quality of chainmail has gone seriously downhill lately...

I see inkage.
I see linkage.
Kinky inky stinky linkage.
I do not like it on an ear,
I do not like it on a rear.
I think the clinky chinky linkage
Would cause MAJOR (*wink wink*) shrinkage.

was that male or female?
how do you spell chainmail?
i bet she leave a trail-
if she sits -just like a snail
if i were the photographer
i would not inhale
as my son would say
"underwear fail"
in mix-a-lot's parlance
baby got tail
a gust from that rump
could fill the main sail
make the strongest man go pale

Ewwwww. I like my "drink soda out of a shoe" idea better...

What in God's name is my nannybot protecting me from here?

Now with extra traction. No, I'm not skidding!

Meanie, you don't wanna know. You'll need a double-vodka-eyeball-shot-with-a-twist-of-lemon to recover. Insert toothpicks as needed.

i <3 ur Stuff, mud!

MTB, in this case you owe your nannybot a debt of gratitude, a raise, and some flowers.

This sounds like it could be Manilow-grade material. I'll have to pick up a triple-layer welding mask on my way home.

*flaps in for a moment*

We're back from Houston and the girlduckling's graduation! All I can say is, it was a good day for REAL ducks, IYKWIM. Thanks to all who offered congratulations, which I passed on to the duckling, even though she gave me a "look" when I told her the source of said well-wishes. Bonmot, nice to know you're in big H! And points to dances for being a Rice alum and knowing how to speak Southern. Alas, we were unable to play Anderson Hall, due to the deluge. But a good time was had by all, anyway.


Dave, where DO you find your pictures? Wowser.

Well, congrats and thanks for bringing the rain, Just Ducky; we've needed it.

South Beach fashion this year?


(sung to the tune of Mellancamp's Jack & Diane)

Little ditty about Jack and Renee
Two CTU agents save America today
Jack's gonna shoot em in the thigh
Shootin anyone makes Renee high!

Terrorists gonna spit in your eye
Make a nuke to kiss all goodbye
Jacky say "Hey Renee lets kill the scum
Stop those bastards and break their knees
then we'll get a room
And do what we please.
And Renee Says Okay!

Chrous: oh yeah 24 goes on
Long after the thrill of killin is gone
Oh yeah say 24 goes on
Long after the thrill of killing is gone, shoot on,

Jack takes the bad guys out cause all bad shots
Renee shoots, knees em in the crotch tooo
Well you know what can the bad guys do but die or run
Renee promises those who flee she'll hunt down
And Jack and Renee win this round!

And they say


At the hotel Jack lets it rock
Lets it roll
Till a snipers' bullet takes its toll
And he says "NO! Save My soul!"
Hold on Renee as long as you can
But she's dead as Jack scrambles for cover
Jack snaps cause he's lost another!

And he moans:

Little ditty about Jack and Renee
Two CTU agents who save America today
One gave her life, will never be Jack's wife
And Jack will make the killers pay!
Even if it means his or President Woman's life!

About the picture, why are those most desirous of showing us what they've got, those I least desire to see?

What in God's name is my nannybot protecting me from here?

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