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May 20, 2010


You will be relieved to learn that his parents are out of jail and have retrieved their balloon from the sheriff's office.

Key Quote:
"Sheriff's Office personnel had to help him lay out the balloon. He said he wanted to measure it to make sure it was HIS balloon ... as opposed to all the other silver flying saucer-type devices we have in evidence."

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Goes without saying. Anyone who names their kid "Falcon," then sends him out in a flying saucer shaped hot air balloon just to see his Falcon fly, is totally nuts!

"Hey, it didn't used to say 'Happy Birthday' on the side!"

Richard Heene: Oh, why don't they just leave us alone? I am so tired of their laughter (keep that camera rolling, guys, this is my best side) and the way they want to keep our names in the headline (that's H-E-E-N-E, got it?) They just make me Sick, I tell ya (I'll be posting on Twitter within the next 15 minutes) blah blah blah blah (hey! where you goin' with that microphone?)

All kidding aside, this blog appears or purports to be at least a semi-official document. I question a law-enforcement source making fun of anyone, even with what many would call just cause.
I view it as unprofessional, at best.
And there is a difference between a humorous viewpoint and mocking.

I thought this blog was a semi-comical document.

Yes, I remember Balloon Boy, even though Balloon Boy was never IN THE BALLOON.

I remember Bubble Boy. John Travolta.

Can we hire Eloise Campanella to be our own private law enforcement mocking agent?

Said Heene: “I’ve been trying to say leave it alone, leave it alone. These guys are trying to make me look like a fool.”

Too late.

law enforcement snark. i like it.

Jeff - Glints from Eloise?

Well, if it was New Mexico, I could understand his point.

"As God is my witness, I though Falcon could fly."

I thought this blog was a semi-comical document.

Posted by: Mazarlarry | May 20, 2010 at 12:33 PM

Actually, it was a semi-conical balloon.

It looked like Jiffy Pop.

"These guys are trying to make me look like a fool."

Good Lord, Richard, you don't need any help at all.

And what exactly were you trying to make them look like with your hoax?

Ain't gonna fly no more with those bullet holes in it.

Ok, you can live in a bubble, an iron lung or just be a head, but people take you everywhere.

What is your choice?

Sure, she shouldn't have used his name...because if she'd said, "Suspect A said he wanted to measure it to make sure it was HIS balloon ... as opposed to all the other silver flying saucer-type devices we have in evidence," the public would have had NO idea who she was talking about.

I am sooo glad I didn't know about the balloon thing until the balloon landed. I'd have spent too much time agonizing worrying about the kid. What is wrong with his parents?!

Wow. They were only too happy to exploit worldwide publicity through a fraud that involved manipulation of the media and public, deception of and by their own children, and significant risk to rescue personnel. All so that they could gain fame that would lead them to become reality TV show celebrities, if I remember correctly.

And now, with their wreckless plot and shameless ambition exposed, they want to be shielded from criticism?? You made your damn bed, baby - time to lie in it!

I love it when Meanie gets all macho-like.

Sorry. I detest parasites.

Like mosquitoes?

You know only the female mosquito bites?

Which figures. Not only does it suck your blood, it has to go and leave you an annoying little reminder that it's done so. Bitches.

With apologies to SNL:

"May I present Lord and Lady Douchebag."

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