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May 12, 2010


So, how come people write letters like this (these are random letters, not sent to the Blog, in case you were wondering):

It's biased comment like your's that insites other ignorant people like yourself.

Let me begin by stating that you’re an idiot!  Your {article} is first, a collection of ignorant, uninformed rubbish that proves you don’t have a clue and second, a personal declaration by you of your personal bigotry against anyone holding an opinion different from yours. 

This is unbelievable.  YOU are the only LIAR, sir.  How dare you...You and your ilk are a disgrace to our great nation... You know what that makes you???  A COWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Can’t win the debate on the facts so you resort to name-calling.  In a paper of major circulation, no less.  Pathetic. 

Are they stupid? Or what?
[This is not about the content of their beliefs (really) but about people writing angry letters exhibiting the behavior they are angry about.]


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Are they stupid? Or what?

In a word, yes.

If you saw last week's IN PLAIN SIGHT, Fred Ward's character said much the same thing about how the world had changed (hint: not for the better) during his 38 years in prison.

Yes. They are stupid.

Stupid is as stupid does.

I seldom read the comments on other blogs because, no matter the subject, it always turns into a hate feast. It's easy to be hateful when you're anonymous. That's one reason I like this blog so much. Everyone is nice to each other.

As a reaction to "State of health care -- and my forefinger" it sounds like a perfectly reasoned and thoughtful response.

It makes me wonder if they go back and read what they wrote, and then tell themselves they wrote it really well, then hit post. Because I would never post something that illiterate, no matter how drunk I am.

Maybe commenters should have to pass the irony test, that is, find the irony in this statement:

"You illegal immigrants, your all ignorant and if you can't talk English you should go back to you're country!!!!!!!"

(I made that quote up only because I'm too lazy to go find a real one, which would no doubt be funnier and have more misspellings.)

Nursecindy, you are so right. I know the newspapers want to get readers involved with the stories to keep their interest, but it has gotten out of hand. The hate is unbelievable.

BTW, here's an actual comment from my home town (pop. 5,000) paper's web site:

'You really are a mommas boy aren't you? What did I say that you considered sexual? I guess it is how you interpreted it. If that bothered you, you are really in the wrong business. You see I can state my opinion on here, and my opinion is that you are a baby and wet the bed. You see it is not libel if it is only an opinion and not stated at fact. Just like the news on TV the news caster always says "Alleged" when saying that a suspect did something. So kiss my alleged butt.'

I toldja the real comments were funnier than my made-up one.

judi, so people are too dumb to be hypocrites. It's best to stay far away from such people.

And just what the hell did you mean by THAT comment, nursecindy? ;-)

I've been reading some of the articles on CNN and they have a comments section. Even the most ordinary of subjects can get some of the most profoundly stupid comments. Then arguements. It's sometimes entertaining, but then they bring God into it, and I really don't think she cares.

Is our kids learning?

It all started when Dave stopped writing regular columns.

Judi: Yes, and yes.

They should also go back to elementary school for reading, grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Have a martini on me.

someone has an alleged butt?

Without these kind of people, Dave would be limited in his subjects for humour. One of my favorite scenes in "Big Trouble" was when the two hit men kept getting the infantile callers when they turned on the radio and tuned in the sports talk shows. It was made more funny, in one sense, because the reality is normally worse than how the esteemed author portrayed it in the book. My guess is that the same folks who call into those shows, spend the rest of their time as the "flamer" bloggers.

Umm, was my grammar ok?

Also, violent rioting to protest statements calling your religion violent.

Dave must be flattered that Charles Krauthammer is such a devoted fan of his writing.

It's clear the guy who wrote this has no problems other than psychological. It's his blind ambition and lack of rectitude that give him power and the lack of seperation between what is real and what is fantasy. Sorcery FTW.

Love judi some good quality chokkit for having to read stuff like that.

I seem to have entered this conversation in the middle and of course have no clue at all about what started the chain. What was that guy talking about in the first place?

Oh and by the way, my uncle, the prince of northwest Nigeria, wants to let you work at home selling his vast stock of little blue acaci beans through his dating service.

doncha love the internet?

stupid people can mean well and be, well... mean

About 15 years ago I was working the night shift in a gas station. I got to witness a knife fight in the parking lot; wonder no longer why there are locks on the doors of a 24-hour store.

But locks are not the point of my story. The only thing that sticks in my mind (okay, that and the witness subpoena) was when a Canadian of European ancestry yelled at a Canadian of (I think) Persian ancestry:

"Why don't you go back to your own f***ing country!"

I should have called up some of my Cree friends and got them to ask him the same thing...

In a newspaper forum, I corrected two writers who had called me a LIAR and an INFIDEL (CAPS from their posts). I told one that I preferred the term "Heathen". He immediately wrote back accusing me of calling them names.
I checked my posts and found that I had called them "gentlemen".
Of course, I apologized for my mistake.

I called a guy from Sweden an idiot once on a blog on Facebook. He thought he was being cute putting pictures of himself naked on the Vatican's website. He was not someone you wanted to see naked. He became very angry with me and wanted to know why I thought he was an idiot. I did apologize to him and instead, in a round about way, I called him a moron. He thanked me. Evidently he spoke English but not Southern English, bless his heart.

Get ready. Students are routinely using Internet commentary as sources of fact in their college research papers. Soon these geniuses will be your doctors, lawyers and legislators.

It's a sport, you know. People like that need to be goaded for the entertainment value.

Most of these folks used to frequent Usenet. Then choler commentary migrated to Blogs and finally to newsites. It's creeping rashism.


judi - I'm sorry you have to deal with that level of drivel.

Since when did building a picket fence out of exclamation marks make one a prosaic Internet force? Don't these goobers realize how much a freshly dumped pile of "!!!!" in a combative comment looks like mental mouse droppings?

People who don't know when to put an apostrophe in "your" shouldn't call other people idiots. It is funny in its way.

YouTube comments fill me with dispair for the state of the world. "hateful idiots" doesn't cover it.

However, the above was actually a letter, not an email or comment (how quaint), and the writer managed to get "you're" correct at least once. They would not qualify to comment on YouTube.

Err - make that "despair". I can spell, but my fingers can't.

Dave's point, though, was people angriliy denouncing anger. There is a lot of that about (Strokes Van Dyke beard thoughtfully) - psychologists call it "projection".

Dearest Judi, Dave and Fellow Commenters,

It would bespeak a distinct lack of discretion on my part to suggest that the quoted remarks bear neither a connection with any form of merit nor indicators of conscious cerebral involvement with their development. Therefore, at the risk of allowing a fair number of misstated and ill-conceived notions to go unchallenged, I shall refrain from any references to the writer's likely reptilian heritage.

Meanie T. Blue

MTB, a soccer coach's version:

"I make it a rule never to comment on referees, and I'll be damned if I'll forsake the practice of a lifetime for that little prat."

Sadly, this entire thread reminds me of the excellent Mike Judge movie "Idiocracy". We are closer than we care to admit.

Rent it if you haven't seen it. It's funny and scary at the same time!

I always get a kick out of encouraging them with leading comments. I mean, perhaps they have a good point that you haven't considered.


I agree that people who disagree with me might have usefrul information that would help me, but when they start out being offensive and rude, I just skip the rest of whatever they have to say. I figure it's not going to improve from there.

I think that "kiss my alleged butt" is one of the funnier things I've read all evening!

With the addition of an inappropriate comma, it could become "Kiss, my alleged butt". WWBAGNFAHateB. You know, for someone with a thing against Gene Simmons. Or Richard, even.

The lack of a comma can be a problem, too. As in, "I dedicate this work to my parents, Ayn Rand and Jesus."

As Dave has said before: Humor Impaired.

"Mental Mouse Droppings" WBAGNFARB.

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