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May 14, 2010


Manure Mojo and the Gasifiers

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Don't use an open flame in your tribute, though

But .... but .... but, ..... the word "booger" is way funnier than the word "fart"! While they both may lack the lyrical depth of, say, "chair", you cannot ignore the rich, throaty character of "booger" in favor of the blunt, abrupt harshness of "fart".

I am truly disheartened. All I can say is, well, .....

Perhaps there will now be a legitimate use for the BS put out by all the major political parties.

*Mooooving comment to previous thread, where it belongs*

Burning cow manure: “This is the most exciting thing I've been involved with in my career,” Brown, 79, said.

The second most exciting was scraping some of it off the bottom of his boot.

A good $h!+ can be very satisfying. He's just making it pay.

If all the manure goes to energy, what's going to happen to all the insightful commentary on Sunday morning talk shows ?

You write good articles, I will always be concerned about

See what Brown can do for you.

So true.

John Slutskey. An excellent name with soooo much potential.

Harsh....Slutsky...Eaton poo...and McDonald?

Old McDonald had a farm...Eaton, Eaton poo!
And on his farm he had a cow....Eaton, Eaton poo!

Plop plop fizz fizz oh what a release it is...

After you light the manure, do you ring the doorbell and run?

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