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May 18, 2010


Give me a P!

(Thanks to Otis)


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It was a double dog dare. What choice did he have?
I say let the poor kid go. Any of us faced with a double dog dare would do the same.

They should test the turf for steroids or, more likely, narcotics.

The incident occurred at Powell Valley's April 30 varsity baseball game in Big Stone Gap.

Perhaps he was passing a big stone?

O'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming?

Field of streams?

Urine trubble now, kiddo!

Did they bring the tarp out?

They don't say if it's the pitcher, but it was definitely scored an error on number one.

Dude, it's "O say can you SEE," not PEE!

I guess I'm just old fashioned and don't think this behavior is a bit funny. I would have kicked him off the team, put him on a month's detention and barred him from extra cirricular activites for six months.

I agree with Davec. Plus I would have made him scrub toilets at the school for a week. There is no excuse.

"Heh-heh -- just wait 'till they slide into second now!"

You don't hear of any girl athletes doing this. Are they more civil ?

No,just plumbed differenty.

Someone has impulse control issues. I hate to sound like an old fart but I believe a tazer to the correct area could teach some restraint. Either that or he'd be cited for defecating on the field, too.

Did he say "Hold my beer and watch me" first?

Oh wow, this is local news for me (I live next to Powell Valley). Weird!

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