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May 26, 2010


ACTOR Kiefer Sutherland has revealed he tried to stop saying "Dammit" after a boozy game was based on his 24 catchphrase. Show fans would down a shot when his character Jack Bauer uttered it. Kiefer, 43, began using it more when he first heard about the game - then realised it could be fatal.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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I'm surprised that the writers could come up with such a creative catchphrase in the first place!

A drinking game??? During 24???

sheesh ... imagine if they were live blogging, as well...


What? He said "Dammit!"

That's it. Jack's been blurking our blog!!

Good thing he never heard about "perimeter"...

Dear Jack,

Could you please clear something up:
I am unclear as to why you had no problem saying: "CLEAR!",
but could never handle "NUCLEAR"?

I took a drink every time Kiefer dropped his pants in a bar.

Where is that waiter?

We were responsible. Most of us watched Castle after 24 and then went to bed after the news.

If he also stops setting up perimeters and shooting people in the thigh, three tequila distilleries will go out of business.

DAMMIT, what am going to use as an excuse to drink now?

I don't know why anybody would do something as silly as that. Why that's almost as silly as getting together with a bunch of retrobates friends to comment on the show in real time online. Why that would be just too bizarre!


Kiefer likes us! He really likes us!


DAMMIT! stop saying DAMMIT!



Siouxie: You're a year older!!

When are you gonna Mature: When You're DEAD???

If we only drank when the plot made sense he'd have nothing to worry about.

I'll mature when I'm Dave.

Not. ;)

You'll know the blog guys have matured when they stop being distracted by shiny things and boobs and, oh, look, shiny boobs!

That's also when you'll know that the blog guys are dead.


Don't be so hard on the beaver.

I'm suprised they didn't start prefacing each episode of "24" with a Surgeon General's warning:

"Caution: Jack Bauer can be hazardous to your health."

But that would have been redundant, no?

I thought the point of drinking was that the more we drank the more sense the plot made. Or we could just be closet alcoholics and use any and all excuses to drink. Nah.

trustf8, I AM a mature woman.

heh! dawg said boobies I'mma SMACK him cuz he tried to Manilow me butt...I hovered.

Geeze, wiredog, if you are gonna to try and trick us like that, use Tiny URL so we can't see what the link is...


Hmmm.....he does have a point about it being possibly fatal....anybody seen Clean Hands or Cristobol lately???? Hmmmm???

Oh, and Siouxie, if you hover, please wipe.

If by "hover", Siouxie meant open in a new tab, I do that. Sometimes it warns me.
And why is everyone so down on Manilow? I mean, he's had some good songs like.....and, well, he was good on.....
Well, he's been around a long time.

I'm not that evil.

Totally beneath you, wiredog.

Yes, mudstuffin, "sozzled". Rather Seussian, I'd say.

v. t. 1. To splash or wet carelessly; as, to sozzle the feet in water.
2. To heap up in confusion.
n. 1. One who spills water or other liquids carelessly; specifically, a sluttish woman.
2. A mass, or heap, confusedly mingled .

Who knew the 24 blog was full of 'Sozzled Sozzling Sozzles'?

Wiredog, I am shocked at you! I think you've been in Washington,D.C. too long.

Dammit, wdog!

I grew up in McLean VA. I am a Genuine Beltway Insider. Born within sight of it, grew up inside of it. Live inside of it still. From where I stand, the difference between Congresspersons and tourists is insignificant.

Except that the tourists are better dressed, quieter, politer, and leave sooner.

wiredog if you are within sight of D.C. perhaps you should turn around and look east or south once in a while. I'm just saying....




If Kiefer is blurking here, that means he's a mole, and he's pretending to be someone we know, like....nursecindy....or trustf8.....hmmmmm

Keifer does not understand what it takes to hang on the "24" live-blog. We're made of tougher livers stuff. However, if we drank everytime they said "peace process" it could have been dire.

So he was concerned that dammit may have undue influence on people -- but shooting, stabbing, and gutting terrorists like a musk elk to get a SIM card is nothing to fret over?

*smacks* annie
gosh, i never smacked anyone before...

Dammit! Trustf8 just smacked me in the thigh.

How's about we only take a drink when Kiefer takes one? Who can keep up with him and get down with his pants?

Maybe concern about drinking with each shot or mayhem event is why they went so tame.

Wire is also within sight of the three letter agency that Jack Bauer went to for kindergarten.

The Sun. Complete with boob.

Well, if wiredog is still in McLean, east is DC. I am also just inside the Beltway, a bit SW of McLean.

Damn it, Jim, I'm an assassin, not a doctor!

♫ I *smacked* a girl & i liked it ;)

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