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May 21, 2010


A stunning and shocking and totally surprising study says that married women would rather read, watch a movie or sleep than have sex.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and Keith Merrill)


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It has been often said that the best means of birth control is eating wedding cake.

Ahem! Most married woman would rather read, watch a movie or sleep than have sex WITH THEIR HUSBANDS!

So WE have to stay slim and sexy, but do you slugs really think that beer bellies, dirty undies and farts make us WANT you?????????????

Hey girls - any of you rather read than have sex with George Clooney????

Zack said, "You have to know your spouse. You certainly have to know your spouse."

Huh. Worth a try, I guess.

Anyone happen to know of a good book that is NOW available at stores?

um, duh.

Hmmm. I recall a conversation with my wife involving sex in which she said, "Sure, as long as we're done before CSI comes on."

The art of compromise is helpful sometimes.

"I think it's normal, but also a little lazy. I think your sex life is sort of like going to the gym. You got to get back into the routine and it's a little hard at the beginning, but once you do it, it's like try it, you'll like it. You'll want to keep going to the gym."

Gee, this guy must be a genius with brilliant analogies like that.

"Hey honey, want to go to the gym tonight?"

"Drop dead."

Note to self: Do not get married.

Last line of the report:

"These conclusions, of course, must be verified by further in-depth study. See attached 5-year grant extension application."

I don't see why you can't multi-task.

Will you turn off the light? I'm trying to get some sleep here.

"Most married woman would rather read, watch a movie or sleep than have sex."

They left out: "or live blog '24'."

"Pass the remote. Schmoopie."

I'd like to turn the page!...
If there is even a remote possibility, I for one would chose...

Sex needs to get TIVO.

The ironic part is that the book, the movie, and the dream are all about sex.

^sends another 'O' up to chose
(......the BIG 'O'...)

Makes those book clubs sound pretty suspicious.

So...does p0rn count?

*Knowing snork at Meanie*

From the late, great, Lewis Grizzard: "I came from a large family. In fact, I never slept alone until I was married."

Thanks, fivver.

And "Honk if you have been married to Lewis Grizzard".

This is so not true. We do want more sex. Just not with you.

I disagree with wanting to watch a movie or read a book instead of sex. I agree with once you get into the swing of it, it will become a part of your life. I can relax every nerve in your body.

You can?? wow, theresa, sounds like you really 'put out'.

Ya know... Thats not so bad. But when its first have a snack, do the nails, read, then watch a movie finished up by "Wow, its so late and I'm soooo tired"... well, that gets old... Not that I know anything about it...

"And I can't figure out why he just up and left me."

but if you leave, just take the garbage out withya honey, thanks, mmmbye.

Well that was depressing . . .

I guess once you have the fish in the pan, you don't need to dangle the bait.

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