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May 19, 2010


Nature's getting kinky.

(Thanks to catmanmax)


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George Carlin used to say the word "t*ts" shouldn't even be included in the list of dirty words. It sounds more like a good friend ("Hey Toots, meet T*its!") or even a snack food ("New Nabisco T*ts!")

I'll show myself off the Geezer Bus now.

Are smurfs involved?

Tits amongst the butts.

Tats demand equal rights.

If it's not a nice home, will these tits 'n ash stray?

Are they feeding the crows?

I knew they bounced, I had no idea they flew.

I've heard of blue balls butt...blut t*ts??

blut = blue

>>...when Ms Plumb peeked inside for a look she was met by two pairs of beady eyes staring back...<<

Just like looking in Harry Reid's home mail slot.

A feathered mother of the year candidate keeps trying to build a nest on the motion-sensor light on the porch. Every time a visitor comes by, her eggs fry. We're trying to discourage her but she is determined. It's heartbreaking.

Thanks for the tit update, dave.
Please keep us abreast of their quirky nests.

"Blue Tits"--a Bogart-Bacall noir film. It even has cigarettes!

Steve -- try a rubber snake.

that can happen when it gets really cold...

Or maybe strap a cat to the light pole?

Excuse me, a tat...

Nice tits.

Steve, perhaps turn the light off?

BillyJoeJimBob must be an engineer.

A priest, a lawyer and an engineer were playing golf behind a truly absymal foursome. The group ahead were spraying balls all over the course, into bushes, wrong fairways, you name it.

Finally the lawyer said -- "Man, those guys are terrible! I can't believe they're even allowed out here."

The priest said, "Oh no, my son. You should pray for them. That's the group of firefighters who were blinded last year trying to save the burning clubhouse. They're allowed to play anytime they like."

The engineer said, "Um . . . couldn't they play at night?"

Steve, on the plus side...you have fresh fried eggs for your guests.

Steve - something like THIS might be adaptable to your situation.

Thanks for the ideas. It's a motion-sensor light to alert us when someone's out there. Unfortunately, it senses leaves blowing by and there seem to be a lot. I've tried turning down the sensitivity but it hasn't helped much.
This farm is really far out in the country so if you get out of your car at night, there is little ambient light to guide you to the door.
We think the mother is a really, really stupid barn swallow. Stupid because there's a huge barn right OVER THERE, YOU IDIOT.

I think it's the damn crows that keep throwing their butts in the nest. Those things have terrible house manners.

Steve, try the attack spider. It actually did keep the woodpeckers away, and is great for Halloween, too!

Frying fresh egss? I guess its not good. I pity on those egss on the nest...

Get a big vicious cat! or some kind of pest control products!

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