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May 25, 2010


Truck carrying 17 million bees crashes in Minn.

(Thanks to Catherine)


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Well, here's something for the honey-do list...

The hives housed roughly 17 million bees and were bound for Bauer Honey in northwestern Minnesota.

CTU is on the case!

"I know, let's calm them down by spraying with a fire hose!" sounds like a theory that's all wet.

This is probably part of Jack Bauer's escape plan from New York - out to Minnesota in a truck full of bees, then a daring run across the Canadian border.



Um . . . who counts them?

I'd like to give a shout out to the brave rescue workers who had to battle these angry bees to try and assist the people involved in this horrible fatal accident. kare11.com Twin Cities, MN Victims identified in fatal crash involving bee truck on I-35 in Lakeville

God Bless you.

Minnesota: The Holy Crap! State

When you're in Minnesota, be-hive yourself.

Sweet Honey in the Truck -- bee leave it, or not.

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