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May 24, 2010


You need to know CPR.

(Thanks to jon harris)


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Well, my heart rate is certainly healthy now!

I'm breathless. Please help me.

Great - all I get is the blank screen and the d@mn thing won't play!

sadly, jeff is flatlining

I feel REVIVED! In OH so many ways!

Jeff, it's a CPR instruction ad featuring two hot looking scantily clad women. NTTAWWT I'd do 'em too, If I were a lesbian, which I am not.

BTW, thank you and all for the birthday wishes! I will now be old enough to get the geezer bus pass.

trustf8, LOVED your jingle!! LOL thanks so much ;P


^ i hate when that happens

Hell, I thought it was Siouxie that was doing the CPR! Another fantasy crushed.

Thanks, Siouxie. It's working now, but I enjoyed your recap even more!

This certainly worked, I have a heart on over here. . . er, I mean it turned my heart on, I mean it certainly got things pumping . . . that is, everything is flowing nicely now . . . uh, . . . nevermind

So did anyone notice what it was an advertisement for? (you have to wait until the very end)

I'm afraid rigor mortis may have already set in.

That's silly. Who uses rotary dial phones anymore ?

I may have to try this with the CPR classes I teach for the American Red Cross. First I'll have to go buy some 5 inch stilettos.

cindy, that suggests you already have the rest of the required uniform...

Cindy: In the name of public health and increased awareness of emergency medical procedures, I would like to register for your next CPR class. Please. I'll pay. Whatever it takes. Real American dollars.

Rescusi-Annie never looked that good ... I'd be willin' to take the class again, especially if n'cindy is the instructor ...

Class? What class? Were they teaching something in the video? I must have had another lack of focus episode. Will there be homework?

That wasn't the Sun video?

Next up, the Heim-lick Maneuver!

I'll keep y'all abreast of when I have my next CPR class. How nice you all want to be helpful to others.

I could prolly find several other folks for a local class here, n'c' ... so your instruction would be more efficiently utilized amongst a wider spectrum of (h)umanity ...

Merely tryin' to help ...

"Wow, vry impressive chest compressions. (here's a little something for ya.)"

Where was this when I went through AIT at Fort Sam?

The sad fact is that in most cases CPR is ineffective. However, if emergency personnel looked like the model in the video, the results might be dramatically different. It's probably a fertile subject for a government grant.

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