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May 12, 2010


Texas high school hoops star really 22-year-old Dillard High grad


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I agree with one of the commenters there... Why on earth would you want to repeat high school???

Whotf names kids "Guerdwich" and "Guerdwin"?!

And yet nobody asks any questions about Terry Bradshaw quarterbacking their football team.

"What'r you in for?"

"Murder. What about you?"

"Impersonating a 16 year old."

"Really? Sounds sweet. C'mere sweetness."

"Darnedest?" Judi's vain attempt to avoid litigation by CBS, Art Linkletter and Bill Cosby.

wasn't this the premise of that show with johnny depp, "21 jump shot"?

Who wouldn't want to return to those days? At least those of us with children starting to look at our nursing homes think it would be great.

The biggest shock is that someone graduated from Dilliard.

They started to get suspicious when he was named MVP of the U-10 soccer league.

Some people just never mature until they're dead. You know that would be a good name for a book.

What about his other brother Guerdwin?

Not only is he over 18, one of the Chicago papers reported that he played Junior College basketball in northern Illinois.

Didn't they get suspicious when he routinely took two-martini lunch periods and skipped class to get his dentures relined?

It's Texas, people. Lots of 22-year-olds are still in high school.

And we're supposed to believe that no one in TX could tell this guy wasn't 16 years old! He even tried to pass himself off as a sophomore, so I guess he was planning to graduate high school at 24 or 25 with hopes of the NBA draft at about 30!

can we get rid of all that highlighting?

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