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May 21, 2010


And the Google home page has a game you can actually play.


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Dang! got all but one!

I was wondering why they had Pac-man in their logo today. Thanks for clearing that up for me, Dave.

The only video game I ever played.

Hit "Insert coin" twice and it goes into 2 player mode, second player uses the w,a,s,d buttons.

Dang you!

Just remember to mute your sound if you're at the office so they don't know you're playing!

Pong deserves some love.

Even cooler: it isn't a Flash game so I can play it on my iPhone!

Pacman on an iPhone. Sounds so weird.

The second player gets to be Miss Pac Man

It's also the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, which was much more of an influence on me than Pacman.

Gobi-wan has turned Dave into a Google-ite.

30 years later and I still can't figure out how to play it . . .

I always sucked at that game. Still do. Bring on Missle Command!!!!

Just killed what little productivity I had left for a Friday.

Ya know that point in every working day where you say "F*ck it. I'm done."?

Just reached it.

And I'm right there with ya, random thunking.

It drove me crazy, so I went to Yahoo.

bon, I have a spoof of one of those "motivational" posters. It's a bird walking on the beach, covered in oil, and the caption reads, "F*ck it. I'm going home."

OK, machines are shutting down, it's 5:30 on Friday. Who needs a cold one?


I played. As the ghosts were flashing back from blue to their normal colors, I passed through Pinky and nothing happened. Blinky got me, though.

This is the original Atari code! All the tricks I learned in college back in 1982 to try and beat this game work in this version!

God, I am so pathetic......

I've heard that this version is EXACTLY like the original. If you can clear the board 255 times, then just like the original, you really need to get out more.

At first I just they had a picture, not an actual game, until Dave told me. Then I forgot how to play, and thought Pac-Man was supposed to eat the ghosts, not avoid them.

Yeah, not one of my brightest days.

30 years.... man, I feel old!

Won two games this morning! :-)

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