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May 27, 2010


A Justin Bieber removal tool.

(Thanks to Don Faber)

If you don't know who Justin Bieber is, I have one question: May I move in with you?


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FINALLY! Something the interweb is GOOD for!

And speaking of young master Bieber, the Aussies have a rather different take on what a sweet, clean cut boy he is:

Bieber tells TV staffer to not 'f**king touch me'.

Does it work with Manilow? (Oh, wait, that would wipe out half the Blog.)

Can this program be rewritten for other annoying personalities? Barry Manilow, perhaps? Anything Kardashian...Simon Cowell...Anyone Plus Eight...

will someone please tell me what this justin has done to be famous, or is he just another useless celebretant or whatever.

queensbee - he is cute and wholesome and he sings. He is the cash cow every generation exploits to reap the money frivilously spent by silly teenage girls who just want Bobby Sherman someone to love them.

Dave, unfortunately you can't move in with me. I didn't know who this Beaver Bieber kid was until a couple of weeks ago when he "performed" on Idol. Damn them...damn them all to hell!


But is he worse than Barry Manilow?

There are absolutely 'No Shaved Biebers Allowed' in my jacuzzi.

That rules me out, trustf8.

TMI, Siouxie.


Can we also get a "Ban Lohan"? A "Dulled Spears"? "Heidi-ho-she's-got-to-go Montag"?

Dave, I've been suffering through the Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana. Bieber is just beginning to be mentioned. Are the RBR's planning on doing any of his songs?

We have a nice guestroom on the shady side of our house, Dave.

We have a wonderful Mayan hammock on our screen porch. No snakes, yet. Or poison toads. My cats keep an eye on the rabbits.

Unsmitten with 'Bieberish Rave'
The author moved into a cave.
Did he die?...or Mature???
We won't know for sure:
What happens to Bieberless Dave.

Thank god this came out. If I see another picture of Justin Bieber, I'm gonna kill myself.

Hey Joe,
What about Barry?

Doesn't work on TV, unfortunately.

That answers two questions; he's a "singer" and he's Canadian. I really wasn't that curious but if he's on Disney at all, my 3yo grandson will ensure that I see it. HIM, not "it". (I sort of think of anything on Disney as sort of sexless).

Justin who?

I actually didn't know who he was until just now.

*climbs aboard the out-of-touch-geezer bus*

I seriously do not know who Justin Bieber is. Is this odd? I even have children 6 children between the ages of 8 and 21. I hope I'm not missing any important cultural reference here.

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