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May 22, 2010


Krispy Kremes used as bear bait

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Is there anything they cannot do? They cannot defuse the Aspen electrical thread.

I guess the bears waiting in line at Dunkin Donuts would disagree with this article.

And the cops didn't eat 'em first?? Amazing!

Also Chupacabra bait, Bigfoot bait, Yeti bait, Nessie bait.

nursecindy bait,etc. I love them! The one thing they cannot do is help you lose weight.

Dunkin'Donuts is not a donut place, it's a coffee place that sells a lot of donuts. At least that's what they think.

Always thought you were supposed to use pic-a-nic baskets.

The fact that the Krispy Kreme has day-old-donuts is telling, isn't it? Gimme a Dunkin Donuts any day.

Richard, Richard... You have not lived until you pull up at a Krispy Kreme that has just lit up the 'hot and ready' sign and gotten a box of glazed doughnuts. Pure heaven.


Especially the glazed ones just off the production line.

So are these the smart bears or dumb bears that are getting caught by the KK traps?

Admittedly, my experience has been limited to ones people bring in to work or the ones I bought in the local Safeway. Since the closest KK stores are apparently 30 minutes away, in directions I very rarely travel, I guess I'll have to y'all's word for it.

The ones from the grocery store are not the same. I agree with O.C. Dolphin, right off the production line. It is worth the trip.

Forget DD. KK is da bomb! I can eat a whole dozen freshly baked glazed. YUMMMMMO!

Minority opinion here: not a KK fan either, Richard.

But then I prefer cakey donuts in general.

For all y'all uninitiated to the realities of the donut world ... a number of years ago, KK opened their first (and only) store/bakery in Nodak ... in Fargo ...

However, for a number of years, a local "donut shop" had been quite successful, with MANY folks stopping @ the little store on their way to werk, and other such occurences ...

So ... a "contest" wuz organized ... "Which Donut Shop in the Fargo-Moorhead area has the best donuts?"

There were four entrants judged in the ratings test.

The local lady who had built up her clientele over the years, with her REALLY good product.


Two other "grocery store/deli" type retailers.

The local specialist was rated as having the top donuts in F-M ...

The two "grocery/deli" entrants came in 2nd and 3rd.

KK wuz 4th. (They have since closed their enterprise in Nodak ... hmmmm?)


The "judges"? Fargo area cops. (Hey, they wuz apparently qualified!)

So, n'c' ... and others ... y'all can have your KKs, but if you're ever in the neighborhood, go to the intersection of Main Avenue and Sheyenne Street in West Fargo, for a REAL treat ... merely sayin' ...

Why are donuts called donuts? It comes from dough naught. Naught is British English for zero. A dough naught is a zero made of dough. I used to put this kind of stuff on the board when I was a 6th grade teacher.

I just eat them Ken. I don't analyze them.

*cranks up the deep fryer and makes his own*

Just sayin' ;)

Little Chocolate Donuts. The breakfast of champions.

I've had Krispy Kreme "hot and ready" glazed doughnuts, they were the biggest waste of money EVER. You all need to go to Tims. (Tim Horton's) We have the highest number of doughnut stores per capita around here and KK didn't last a year.

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