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May 27, 2010


Mason City man fined for loose snake at motel

(Thanks to Ralph}


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Imagine what kind of trouble he'd be in if they'd caught him tightening it? Hey-Ohhh!

[written without bothering to read anything but the headline]

I told you dude, zip up!

Well, they don't have to be so insulting. It might have very good morals.

There are absolutely 'No Snakes Allowed' in my jacuzzi.

Blog ladies, you'll be happy to know my bull python is under my complete control. *fweeee!* DOWN Simba!

Trustf8, I thought you said no trunks in your jacuzzi. Make up your mind!

Typical guy. Can't seem to keep his trouser snake under control.

At how large? (Siouxie asked me to ask).

No trunks, but keep ur damn snakes to urself, please!

I hate when my snake gets loose at a motel.

Samuel L. Jackson had a comment, but it can't be posted in a public blog.

"Proof that I got me a fine snake."

If I had been a patron there trust me there would have been a disruption.

A man with a free range python,
and mots that were nowhere near bon
let his snake out the door,
on the motel's first floor.
The fine's a conclusion forgone.

Motel Nix.

Was Lord Voldemort also sighted?

We like to think of ourselves as pet friendly,” she said, “but when we say that, we really mean cats and dogs.”

So does the python.

If I let my snake loose in a hotel, the fine would be much bigger.

I suspect the article meant "Ball Python", not bull. I can just imagine the comments to that...its probably just as well they left it bull.

He had the collar and leash on his loose woman.

Yeah, I've never heard of a "bull" python but ball pythons are pretty well known. They don't get too big and they aren't scary unless you're inclined that way.

How, exactly, does one "supervise" a python in the first place?

Maybe the python was getting a little chunky and he told it to go out for a run. Curb your python.

Some thing bad goin' on in River City, this time it's not the Billiard parlor..

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