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May 24, 2010


Fortunately, it has nearly been eradicated.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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Thanks Gawd the "Invasive Vaja-jay Labial Beetle" went extinct eons ago.

Fess up, blogboys, after reading the header, how many of us just scratched your nether regions?

Which reminds me -HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIOUXIE!!!!

Now they can concentrate on wiping out the Golden Domed Ballbuster.

Actually, let's let them live another day in honor of Siouxie's birthday.

(And Annie, the answer to that question is "yes" pretty much any time for us male guys.)

"Five Royal Navy Ships have been named HMS Cockchafer." Hence Winston Churchill's comments regarding the traditions of the Royal Navy.

Happy day Siouxie. BTW, your bday is the same as Queen Victoria (who, unlike yourself is most assuredly dead).

*wonders how cockchafer story became siouxie's happy birthday thread...*
ok, so, as promised (& dared by the nurse)...

♫ She swings her machete with the greatest of ease
Whose machete is that?? Why, It MUST BE Siouxie's!
This daring young blogette has a birthday today:
(If you don't make her laugh you will pay...)

Siouxie is known for her quick clever wit.
On the blog for so long, Siouxie - You are 'The Sh!t'!
If you p!ss her off you might have to 'Bite It'!
So Be Nice, 'cuz her Birthday's today!

Siouxie can bring the blog guys to their knees.
A huge 'Barry' fan, butt NOT MANILOW, PLEASE!
She'll wield that machete! She'll Flash & she'll Tease!
*CHEERS*, Siouxie! Have a Happy Birthday!

And don't think of yourself as being another year older. Think of yourself as being one step closer to seeing all your friends in Heaven.

Happy Birthday!

...ummm, you mean the basket's going up??

Siouxie, pay no attention to birthdays. Think of yourself as immortal and it will really brighten up your day.
And, to those downers who say you're wrong, well, you've been right so far!

HMS Cockchafer?

OK, who wants to do the joke about the seamen on the Cockchafer? Somebody? Anyone?

*SNORK* @ trustf8! LOVE IT!!

Thanks everyone for those um...very lovely birthday wishes ;)

Cockchafer = Lindsay Lohan?

I'm sure there's a cream for that.

The scientist who named that must have destroyed his own love life.

'scientist'....'love life'? Gotta have it first to destroy it.

I know that Wikipedia is never wrong, but surely "wang beetle" is a joke?

Key new scientific term :

pygidium (the back end)

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