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May 19, 2010


Congress gets something right.

(Thanks ti Siouxie)


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Beer is proof that God love us and wants us to be happy.

OK, they got something right once -- that's still a better track record than CTU...


(Post-lunch lethargy.)

I could use a fill-up, Buster.
Ale to the Chief!

It's about time.

There's a "congress getting head" joke in here somewhere butt I'm too much of a lady to think of it.

"Betsy Markey" anagrams to "My beery task." Which is the kind I prefer.

What the Sam Adams is going on in Washington anyway ?

It's about time. Congress has obviously been drinking heavily for years.

When Congress passed legislation,
regarding malted fermenation,
it was no surprise,
they'd decriminalize,
all forms of intoxication.

Corn mash liquor is also a craft, and the "no-brainer" kicks in a lot quicker.

Can a "Vodka Shots in the Eye" Resolution be far behind ?

For the record, it should be "fermentation".

Speaker: Do we have any debate about this resolution?

Congressman Liverspot: Madame Speaker, I wish to propse an amendment.

Speaker: You have the floor. Please proceed.

Liverspot: I propose that the resolution be revised to American Craft Beer Millenium.

Speaker: All in favor?


Speaker: Opposed?


Speaker: Abstentions?

Liverspot: [snicker]

Speaker: Shut up, you fool. Not that kind.....

I'd vote for her . . . if I could stand up in the voting booth.

I'd vote for her... if I lived in her district. But I'm sure proud to live in her state -- my kind of lady!

*Passes Betsy a pint of Avery IPA*

She was just trying to *burp* support small businessmen small businesses.

They never read it.

"It really depends on what mood you're in. Sometimes...I might want a Skinny Dip..."

How come Florida can't get representatives like that?

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