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May 15, 2010


...we are unable to link to this.

(Thanks to Kenneth Bernholm)


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Is it such a surprise that the photo was a head shot?


Even she looks embarrassed in the picture.

I got lottass too...so what's the big whoop?

Yes, I'm twelve-years old deep down too. I admit it freely.

Does this name make my arse look big?

"Lotass took her seat on the 18-member assembly on December 20, 2009...."

What else could she do?

I like that Swedish comedienne Whoopi Whoopass.

And Jenny Craig still won't return her calls....

She is frequently mistaken for Kirstie Alley from behind.

As is my VW van.

How big was her seat at the Swedish Academy?

Her seat in the Swedish Academy is so big it is partially in the Norwegian Academy.

well, i for one am behind her candidassy.

(Think Bobby Darin)

Take a nice bite, sink my teeth in
And she holds a ... Ph. D.
Just a mouthful, is too spartan
But she's got enough ... for both you and me

Now, Kirsten Ekman, ho ho, Birgitta Trotzig
Ooh, Miss Lotte Lotass ... has them beat hands down
Even J-Lo has to lay low
Now that Lotte's ... back in town.

Check out that Swede from the back!

If only Johnny Carson were still around to introduce her on his show...

Wasn't she a Bond Girl?

Welcome, everyone, please have a seat? Lotta room down in front.

Nah, I got nothin'.

Is this that Swedish chick with the dragon tattoo that's always gettin' in trouble?

I think she's dating this guy.

She related to Dumma Dumbass?

The song that instantly started replaying in my head, Queen's "Fat Bottomed Girls"....

I wonder if she is related to 'adult entertainer' Lotta Hotass?

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