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May 05, 2010


That's one.



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So, now you're on a cat blog? Meow.

I have Sam Barry's book, "Write That Book Already" and Dave has a tip in there about appearing on TV. He said if the TV studio doesn't do your makeup to go to a department store and buy some lipstick and then request a make over. Then you will look perfect for TV. I'm just curious what his favorite shade of lipstick is? I have his book on it's way to me and I can't wait. Judi should write a book on being his assistant.

One what?

One strike. Two more and Judi gets fired ;-)

One book sold, I presume.

I notice the blogger was many links to Amazon (purely as a public service, natch). Now, that I understand. I never did get that thing about a "book-store" (?) Is that next to the typewriter repair shop?

Dave Barry is oddly focused on death.

There's nothing like a review in the mainstream press to make one's day.

One is a parody of Twilight, which is so dead-on (haha, very punny) that it's a wonder my bladder held out while I was reading it. The other is a script-style parody of a 24 episode.

Does anyone here need to know any more than that?

My copy is on the way (as is the library edition to tide me over until said copy arrives).

Dave wrote a book? When?

Apparently, he has written a couple of them. This one is very reasonably priced, and features little cartoons of Dave with glasses and a moustache, which messes with my mind. I think the book tour for it is over, though:

Dave Barry Book

Dave Barry's books cause frequent urination, shortness of breath, loss of appetite and can precede death due to head injuries. The FDA is launching an investigation.

I just bought the book because of these really well written blogs. Well, that and I needed to buy something else to get the free shipping.

Thanks for linking up to my blog. My little visitor map will be covered with shiny pretty stars, tomorrow. Should I rename my blog "Catfoolery"? It's really a book blog, but you know . . . books, cats, men. They're all humorous if you're watching.

BTW, I wrote to you in the 1980s and suggested you run for president. I had no idea that I'd be completely disinterested in voting by the time you got around to it. Could you run again in 2012?

Horace, I pee in mah pants every time I read one of Dave's books. Funny you ask?? Well...that Depends.

My favorite book cover is "Dave Barry Does Japan". How many other authors would dress up like a geisha for the front of their book? He looked pretty good too.

I predict heads falling off from laughing, all over the country..

>>My favorite book cover is "Dave Barry Does Japan".<<

And the section on Japanese nightclub humor is particularly funny.

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