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May 25, 2010


The museum needs volunteers who are willing to perch on the hippo, read the day's news and blow a whistle each time they read something they perceive as an unfairness or social injustice.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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“How much more can barriers be removed than getting your clothes dirty sitting on a hippo?” she mused.

Do it naked. You know they would in Britain.

Guessing the hippo is made out of poo, just like this idea...maybe a "chip" on its shoulder, too...

Hippos. Social injustice. Yeah, ... I see the connection.


I thought the ending of Lost was a social injustice, but not enough to blow a whistle.

It would be more fitting if volunteers perched beneath the hippo to call attention to injustice.

Sounds a lot like most public library reference desks to me.

The curators should open another such exhibit near Tianamen Square. Somehow, not much chirping gonna happen.

This looks like a job for ... Jack Bauer!

I always wonder who's in charge of the Hippo sitters and exactly how much does that position pay ? I'd love to see that job described on the persons resume...assuming Hippo sitting doesn't catch on.

Angry Angry Hippo.

Make it a live hippo and you get me interested. Not to sit on it myself, just to watch the poor disenfranshised people who would use it to air their grievances get trampled.

Right there with ya, Dirk.

They should've timed it for Christmas.

I couldn't get past the site's banner picture of a squirrel.

we got a similar art thing goin on here in klumbis. whenever we hear bout sumpin stupid we all just don't go to the art show. yep, we avoid it with precision too. it's quite a sight. don't blow no whistle or nothin.

Artists. How entertaining. What would we do for laughs if we didn't have them? For those who are interested, I'm having a sit-down strike for social justice.
I'm retired. I'm having the strike in my den in front of the TV, so it may take a while.
The public is not invited.

Speaking of Christmas, I couldn't help but notice that the article stated the hippo was made of straw. Could this be the next bokken?

dumbhippoass. It needs to drop artificial "pies of truth" behind it to be complete. Artists and politicians. Incestuous public perfidy.

Mud, mud, glorious mud....

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