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May 22, 2010



(Thanks to Don Faber)


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...and since nobody won
the 'Banana Fun Run'
the judges called it
a 'Banana Split'.

Should not one Beat the Banana in private rather than during a charity run?

I always wondered why there wasn't a banana guy in the Fruit of The Loom logo. It would make sense.


Because Jerry Falwell et al., would just go nuts. As it were.

Did any of the participants slip and fall twice?

nanar nanar

I got your double banana right here.


is that a banana in your pocket, or are you just happy...............ooooooo, sweet mystery of life at last i found you,.................(with my apologies to mel brooks)

I wuz kinda wonderin' the same sorta questions, Horace ...

I have seen this "siamese banana" development more than once ... of course I'm perty old, and I've seen a lot of bananas ... IANMTU!

Other fruits seem to also have a tendency to be confused about their ... um ... genetic format? NTTAWWT ...

O the U: As long as we're slinging acronyms, BANANA is an extreme form of NIMBY: Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anyone. BANANA proponents usually come in bunches, but quickly lose their appeal when the costs are tallied.

*SNORK!@ Cheesewiz* (As it were)

The news reporter, he work all night on a drink o' rum.

Bananas are related to sharks, rays, and skates? (Look it up).

I'm sorry, I can't hear you; I've got bananas in my ear.

queensbee, Funny you should reference Young Frankenstein! My first thought was, "He must be very popular." "Well... uh... that goes without saying."

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