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May 11, 2010


Now research shows that for men just five minutes spent alone with a beautiful stranger causes so much stress it may be bad for the heart.

The effects are worst for men who might think they are not “in the same league” as the woman now sharing their space but still try to attract her interest, scientists claim.

For those men, their anxiety rate is said to be similar to jumping from an aircraft.

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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Fainting doesn't impress women?

I'd say "Duh" but I'm afraid that would make me look stupid in front of the beautiful women of this blog.

Peeing on her leg is a no-no too...or so I've heard.

You need to strike that proper balance. Somewhere between a formal nod and humping her leg.

And that is why Jeff and Hammie get all the hot women. I just hate it when he has a heart attack before he pays the dinner check. So rude.

Hey, babe - sign your what?

As science goes, Wow, what a great sample; 84 little nothings, willing to participate.

These weren't men, or boys that will grow up to be men.

Men don't get sweaty palms when confronted with a good-looking woman. It's counter-productuve and makes them slippery when you drag them back to the cave.

How exactly do they find people to measure stress levels on jumping out of planes?

"Don't worry, I'm just going to attach this monitor, and SHOVE!" "AUUUGGGGGGHHHH!"

Hey, sign - what's your babe?

Speaking of jumping from an aircraft:

A Priest, a Rabbi & a Buddhist Monk are flying in a Cessna when suddenly the plane is going to crash. There is only one parachute available.

The Priest says, "One of you, take the parachute my brothers. I will take my place in the kindom of heaven."

The Buddhist Monk says, "It is my time to become once again part of nature, please learned Rabbi, take the parachute."

The Rabbi says, "Would you two please shut the f*ck up and get out of my way so I can fly this thing!"

Any ladies of the blog want to sign up for a study I am thinking of conducting on the effects of exposure (heh) to men in kilts? Warning: it could be stressful. Very stressful.

But I like jumping out of planes!

At a time in my life when I was suffering from terminal boredom, I decided to satisfy a longstanding curiosity and embark on a skydiving program. Within a week I found myself hanging off the strut of a Cessna at 12,000 feet, next to an instructor who was advising me to just let go.

I had no idea that what I was producing was called cortisol.

Yep. Anything on the internet www.AerobicHouseCleaning.com

*Very high fives Arctic Al*

Sign me up NotSherly. In the interest of science.

I felt exactly this way when I met (the future) Mrs. PirateBoy!

HIGH High-5's Meanie back as we float away from the plane!


It's tough being hawt & beautimous.

Siouxie, it's a gift. And a curse. Also Mrs. Pirateboy is a very lucky woman. (((Pirateboy))) Too bad there aren't more like you.

'kay, so i was like every other high school boy, a drooling, stammering nincompoop when around attractive females -sure that i was out of my league most everywhere.

when i was 48 two nieces were looking at my high school year book, and commented: "damn, uncle mud, you were hot!" to which i replied "now you tell me!"

my point is, shoot for the skies guys. you'll never know otherwise.

(btw - my wife is amazing. small hooters, but still amazing.)

The problem with the battle of the sexes is that there is too much fraternizing with the enemy.


The Pope, a Boy Scout, and Sarah Palin were in a plane when the engine failed. The pilot came back and said "There are only three parachutes and I'm wearing one. Settle it among yourselves." and jumped out. Sarah Palin said "I'm the intellectual light of my party. They need me." She put on a chute and jumped. The Pope said "You have your whole life ahead of you. You take the last parachute."

The Boy Scout said "I have good news for both of us. The intellectual light of her party took my knapsack by mistake."


Much better. Untrue, but better.

I keep thinking about a former swain who said he cherished me because I was so relaxing to be around.

He's dead now; otherwise I'd have to find him and kill him.

I posted this because I knew most of us blog guys were in danger being around our hot blog ladies...

Siouxie is so right. It's not easy being hawt. But it sure is fun making guys stutter, trip, and walk into things.

I think we need to find out if the same is true of women left alone with a hot guy. Leave me in a room with Daniel Craig and I'll let you know.

....or what happens at each level of hotness...for instance, at SkyAngel's level, then nursecindy's, Siouxie's, Punkin's, mine....

oh, i'm hawt alright. can someone PLEASE open a window, whew!

*walks into door*

Oww! ANNIE!!

The hottest woman is not necessarily the most classically beautiful. Attitude means a lot.
I used a phrase once when talking to a friend. I said I had a "life-threatening crush" on (a girl). He had never heard that before, but he knew exactly what I meant.
Maybe I was more correct than I knew.

You blog ladies take Castle, I'll be in the interrogation room with Model Cop.

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