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May 05, 2010


The Blog says he admires Socrates, and suddenly....


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. Time travel: where, when and why?
I would go back to 1978 and do everything in my power to prevent Barry Manilow from recording “Copacabana”.

Excellent choice but not good enough, Dave. Go back to September of 1942 and (forgive the expression) the moment of conception and (to quote the late great Barney Fife) "nip it in the bud."

I'm currently conducting scientific research, as we blog. I have a bottle of ketchup on my desk that has been opened and used, exactly once, and now is waiting for its next opportunity to be used. It's been on my desk for about 1 1/2 months now, and is not spoiled or rancid. Of course, it's not been really hot here yet, and that might make the difference. I know you all wait, with mounting excitement, my next post on the matter.

Nice point, Dave--Q.E.D. (Quetchup Erat Demonstrandum)

First, we can’t believe Dave Barry ... ketchup and mustard people ... more reliable than Dave Barry,... Dave Barry, you opened a Pandora’s box
I don't think they like or trust the blog all that much.

Condiments are only an opinion.

The commenter is clearly humour impaired.

That said...I still keep mine in the fridge. It keeps the cats from licking it.

Mine are out with the rest of the condoms!

Condoms come with mints now?

If a condiment rots in the refrigerator, but no one is there to see it because the door is closed, does the light still stay on?

I mustard, therefore I ham.

In the second article, I have set the record straight on Dave's expertise.

*snork* @ Meanie !

i've had ketchup ferment on me. ianmtu. not on me, in a bottle. on the counter.

On the subject of refrigerating Catsup (yes, I spelled that right). I was sitting in a cafe in Blooming Grove , TX(right down the road from Barry, TX)For some reason I noticed that bubbles were forming and rising in the Catsup as I watched. I called the waitress over and said "your catsup seems to be fermenting". She replied "would ya like another bottle, honey?"

Blatently ripped off from the internet

Bill: "I'm Bill, this is Ted. We're from the future.
Socrates: Socrates.
Ted: Now what?
Bill: I dunno. Philosophize with him!
Ted:"All we are is dust in the wind," dude.
[Socrates gives them a blank stare]

So Crates?

socrates drinks hemlock. maybe if he had ketchup he'd still be alive...

Guy walks into a tailor shop in Athens holding a pair of torn trousers.

Guy behind the counter says "Euripedes?"

Other guy says "Yes. Eumenides?"

Double *snork* @ bonmotopolous !!

"Now, this made my wife and I laugh..."

Which made Mr. Language Person wince. After bwushing, you wince.

You're not getting enough ketchup, Barb.
Ketchup with natural mellowing agents.

Not if it was left on the counter, Queensbee.

The most excitement philosophers have had in years. Nietzsche is peachy, but Hobbs is for snobs.

I like the comment on the PQED page: "I've worked in restaurants that keep condiments on the table, and eventually ketchup will spoil and explode on opening, kind of like popping the cork on a bottle of champagne. You can tell it's gone bad when there are visible bubbles. Restaurants usually don't have this problem because the ketchup is used up before the fruit ferments (tomato=fruit, fruit ferments!), and Dave does not have this problem because his cooking is so bad that he uses ketchup on everything."

*I snorkedes* @ bon!

I'm thinking he opened Pandora's icebox!

Why not just fill your pockets with those little catsup and mustard packets from the fast food places and avoid the whole issue ?

An errant ketchup packet once exploded in my car. For a second, I thought I had been shot.

Mind you, exploding ketchup packets can be quite nasti.

Fermenting Bottles of Ketchup WBAGNFARB

I'm so happy that I don't eat ketchup because if I did some of these comments would put me off it. I have read some of the reviews on the new book and they are all very,very good with one exception made by a person that starts off by saying she is a feminist. She liked the book but did say Dave needs to talk to women more and listen to their feelings. I would have ripped her a new one if it didn't require that I register. What are we blog ladies? Chopped liver???

Chic Hearn always said to keep the mustard off the hot blog. Especially on Cinco de Mayonnaise.

Butt I must say - Dave has a Pulitzer, gorgeous hair, and nary a wrinkle. You'd have to be a few tomatoes short of a packet to argue with him.

I wait until the ketchup ferments, then I serve it as Bloody Mary's.

When I worked at a beach bar we often had ketchup/catsup going bad in the warmer environment. Those bubbles were a sign of what we called tomato wine. Siouxie, don't get any ideas.

As a retired inspector, I would like to assure everyone that restaurants NEVER do anything unsafe with food.
I'd liiiike to, but.....

belated snarks all round.

Also. Exploding Catsup Packets WBAGNFARB

And as for Dave and "feminism," if you follow his books he is usually very guy-depracating and sympathetic to women, and our superior qualities. I'm sure you've all read the one about boys trapped on an island versus girls trapped on an island? Eeees funny, except he leaves out the part about the girls fighting over who gets to be princess.

Bon Mot, I assume you are unfamiliar with the custom in certain Korean establishments where the pillow is topped with both a mint and a condom.

Well, Mazarlarry, I guess that gives a new meaning to "Seoul-mates".

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