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May 11, 2010


Man renames himself 'Stormhammer Deathclaw Firebrand'

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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This has got to be an awesome career move. When that resumé says "Stormhammer Firebrand", it becomes much harder to ignore.

bwaahha. my sister had a friend (in college, in the 70s) who renamed himself Igor Swampwater. the girl he married when he was, i forget some normal name, divorced him. i believe his father was a psychiatrist.
That's I-gor.
what hump?

He got the last laugh, Queensbee. I would never date a girl named something like Sarah Swampwater.

Yes, I know she could go back to her maiden name, but imagine if she couldn't.

So the 41-year-old care worker from Carlisle ,/i>

Yeah, but he's still changing bedpans.

In England it is pronounced Raymond Luxury Yacht Mangrove Throat-Warbler.

Mommmmmmmmmmmm...fivver broke the blo-og!!!!

Hey! This time it wasn't me who broke the blog!

This is a good palce to drop the story that has died.

*snork* @ the photo/caption

We couldn't find a picture that would fully convey the awesomeness of the name Stormhammer Deathclaw Firebrand, so here's a picture of Santa holding a puppy and a kitten instead

*smacks fivver*

Wow. Blog ate my link... Frank Frazetta obit

fivver, go stand in the corner for breaking the blog. I wonder if his friends call him Stormy? That just doesn't have the same impact as Stormhammer does it?

dawg, I was a big fan of Frazetta's early work. So was my ex. I'd buy him the yearly calendars. Also loved Boris Vallejo, whose work is very similar.

Firebrand Firebert

boo I'm betting he's single, Siouxie.

Just sayin'.

help, turn off these eyetalics, ooooo, my eyes!!!

Oh, man! Now when people search for my new name they'll only find him. Jerk.

Smith is a little boring, but what is a Stormhammer, anyway? Something that beats when the wind blows?

His new name is an anagram of ...

Whamtard "Merdefarms" Belchinator

You can call him Merry for short.

What's so funny?

Say what, Long/Gone?

*snork* @ Whamtard.

A Stormhammer Bearclaw Firebrand by any other name would still sound as ludicrous.

Close, but no cigar.

So funny! I remember my nephew (who was 3 at the time) wanted to name his new brother something like Monster Truck, but I figured people grew out of that stage :)

So did I fix the blog?

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