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May 25, 2010



(Thanks to Horace LaBadie)


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"Walk down that runway.....NOW!!!"

Don't give TV programmers ideas.

Ya know, a "thigh shot" on Project Runway means something entirely different...

Isn't that how CSI Miami got its start?

"24 Kardashians."

Les Moonves, I dare ya.

Hmm, I remember getting personal with a Resuscitator Annie in a class a long time ago... *S*

Please, no.

How about "24 Iron Chef"? "There's no thyme, DAMMIT!"

LOL I like that idea, Meanie.

"The secret ingredient is....CHICKEN THIGHS!!!"

Jack: BANG!!

haha mtb & siouxie: martha logan would fit right in with her paring knife, to finish off her 'vegetable' ex?
& jack could cook up some steamy scenes with the spice girls....


Are You Tougher Than a Fifth Grader?

24 Reasons I'm Lost Without You

Project Runway 24:

"I asked for a gun, not a Gunn, DAMMIT!"

24/CSI:Miami - Take off the sunglasses, Dammit. She was killed by a Rod of Doom.

24/The Apprentice:

Trump: "You're fired."
Jack: "No. THIS [removes large piece of portable artillery from Jack Sack] will be fired. Unless you'd like to reconsider."
Trump: [Soils underwear]

Idol 24:

Simon: "That was excruciatingly horrible!"

Ellen: "I felt it was a little pitchy, but I'm a big fan."

Randy: "DAWG! Yo...wassup, dude...it was all over the place. Definitely not working for me, man."

Kara: "I agree with everyone."

Jack: BANG!

I am laughing. All great...my winner is Allen at Division and his "Thigh Shot".

Firearms Roadshow

HOST: "Can you tell me how you came into possession of these weapons?"

JACK: "If I did I'd have to kill you, DAMMIT."

HOST: "Well..."

JACK: "In fact, I have to kill you anyway." BLAM!


Representative: Madame Speaker, I rise to make a motion...


Speaker: The motion fails for lack of a second.

too soon

24/Dancing With The Stars. Jack could shoot their feet to make them dance faster.
24/The Biggest Loser- you failed to make your target weight and have been, BLAM, eliminated.

I admittedly did not read every post so perhaps someone already commented on this, but how many times during the eight days did Jack yell "we're out of time!" ?

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