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May 20, 2010


Even if it's from your brother.


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Dave wrote a book?


SAM wrote a book!!!!!!

Nice review!

Awww...that's sweet. Very cool review!

You have the sweetest brother in the whole world. He gave me the lyrics to "Louie, Louie" after I told him I didn't know them. I would pass them on to the rest of you but then I'd have to shoot you : (
I agree completely with his review and may I add his new book, "Write That Book Already" is also a very funny and informative book. I guess talent, and good looks, run in the Barry family.

Mr. Sam Barry is a gentleman, a scholar, a harmonica virtuoso, an acclaimed author, a bon vivant, a raconteur, and many other sophisticated yet vague French-type things. He has, unlike his celebrity brother, even managed to mature before death.

You can therefore fully trust his review of his brother's book.

This is a good review! And Dave's new book is great, too!

Review and reviewer are charming, funny and accurate. Nice job, Barry brothers.

Another Barry writes? I only have room for one Barry. You two will have to fight it out. Let me know who wins. I look forward to reading Sam/Dave Barry's next book.

Woah, Dave, according to my computer, you wrote this post in the future...

Yeah, just like a brother, damning with faint praise. But then, my brother doesn't even bother with the faint praise.

Next you'll be telling me that Tom and Dick Smothers are brothers.

Plus they're both musically talented. Which makes it hard to discern them from that other lyrical duo.

I had no idea that Kathy Camen Goldmark is actually Kathy Camen Goldmark Barry. Ya learn something new every day!

Dave wrote a book? Who knew?

What cindy & Meanie said go for me too. Great book by Dave, excellent review, and Sam was not only talented but gracious and charming at the RBRs concert.

apparently snarky good writing is genetic. good going bro sam!

Did you have to pay Sam in noogies for that?


Hey, Sam! You're a nice little brother. Make sure he returns the favor.

Yeah, what Siouxie said. To make up for all those times he picked on you when you were kids. Like that time when he....rats, I forget the details. Perhaps you could enlighten us with a few stories? Please?

Some of us are lucky enough that our siblings change from obnoxious brats to friends. This is magic and should not be questioned.
I asked my sister once if she remembered trying to drown me in Kingsley Lake. She said she didn't, but I do. And I'm glad I took her on that vacation when the discussion took place.
By the way, I sincerely and assuredly deserved to drown on that particular day. If I had been her, I'd have killed me.

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