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May 17, 2010


The Horny Roo.

Key Quote:
"There was no doubt about what he wanted, the randy old thing."

(Thanks to Angie Mansfield and Don Faber)


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Not a Kangaroo. Doodle monkey.

"He started circling me. There was no doubt about what he wanted, the randy old thing - it was a huge kangaroo and quite intimidating."

Penthouse Forum, Aussie version?

The Northern Territory News, which more often makes headlines by reporting on the sexual antics of its human population, gave the problem front page attention under the headline "Horny Roo Stalks NT Women".

Hey, not everyone is fortunate enough to get The Sun.

She added: "I yelled at him to go away, waved my hands about and let him know I wasn't interested, but he was persistent - I'll give him that."

So in the end I just gave in like I do with my husband.

... but first, roo-roo!

...so Roo WAS a pistol in Kanga's pocket?

"There was no denying his intentions, what with the smoking jacket and bottle of cognac."

For anyone who doesn't get Meanie's reference:

Two men were captured in the bush by cannibals and taken captive. They were brought before the tribal chief, who informed them both that they would be killed. He advised the men that they had the choice of dying by boiling water and he pointed out a large cauldron being heated over a campfire, the quick death by spear, or roo-roo.
The first man thought for a moment and asked the chief what roo-roo was. The chief replied that roo-roo was an ancient sexual ritual, so the first man chose roo-roo. The chief replied, "that's an excellent choice," and then led the man to a large tree, tied him naked to the tree where he was sexually raped by all of the men in the village and left to die.
The other man had witnessed his partner's demise and told the chief that he preferred to die by the quick spear. The chief looked at him and said, "that's also an excellent choice, but first roo-roo."

didnt they open for..... whomever...

This Horny Gator was spotted in Austin.

Oh, look! A Furry! (Thank you, CSI).

So...a woman waving her hands is a signal she's not interested in me?? This explains a lot over the years...

Randy Oldthing -- knew him in college, and apparently he hasn't changed a bit.

A horny old thing from Down Under,
stalked Sheilas that he'd like to plunder.
Butt sex with a 'roo,
is more than taboo.
The mere thought could cause one to chunder.

♫ Let's Go Outback Tonight

MAJOR *snork* at trusf8!

The lyrics from the immortal song "Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport" take on a special meaning.

ahhhhhaaaa trustf8. i'm sitting here snorking out loud.

Certainly brings new meaning to "Hundred acre Wood".

Takes jumping her bones to a whole 'nother level.

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