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May 22, 2010


They're all the same.

(Thanks to bonmot)


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Typical male. And Dave's right. They're all the same.

Honk. Honk.

Danger???!!! Where??? *grabs Horace*

'Snort' in my direction
Because of your erection?
Listen, Jack, I'm no dope:
Find yourself a jackalope.
Your horniness you can't disguise,
And you can't hide those lion eyes.
And no siree, we can't elope!
Life with me is beyond all hope.

And I guess crediting evolution and protecting the species are out then.

This helps explain Hugh Hefner's warnings that there are fathers out there with shotguns.

Never let a good crisis go to waste.

"On the day of ovulation, on average these females visit 10 male territories and have sex 11 times. "
But those girls are just sluts!

That's cuz they can't read, jon.

*hair flip*

Oh, the life in the animal kingdom.

Those crafty antelopes!

So, the Smart female Antelope never gets L.....

Harpo Marx, on the other hand, always had to chase the girls with his horn.

If the snorts don't work, the male antelope gently directs the female to a scary movie.

No word from the naturalists so far whether male antelopes have had any luck with the popcorn trick.

What exactly is the popcorn trick, padraig?

I'm reasonably sure, n'c' ... that pad' refers to THAT "popcorn trick" ...

Butter often may help, tho one should be cautious about adding too much salt ... merely sayin' ...

The popcorn trick is where a guy manages to balance the popcorn container in his lap without using his hands. Alanis Morissette told me.

" One day every year " huh ? Well, maybe that explains it. Or something.


Off topic:

The Land of the Rising Sun boasts a restaurant called "Chicken Pecker".


As His Daveness would say, IAMNTU. ^_^

*sigh* IANMTU, that is.

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