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May 19, 2010


Male monkeys will 'pay' in fruit juice to look at a picture of a socially dominant monkey or a female's hindquarters.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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We are surprised how???

I confess to occasionally reading the tabloid covers to see what trash people are reading now. I acknowledge the hypocrisy. On the other hand, I rarely know who those people on the cover are. I don't know whether to feel better than others or just ignorant.
I categorically deny ever paying anything for a picture of a monkey's rear. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have another appointment (scurries out).

Fruit juice? How are you supposed to slip that in the garter?

*snaps photo of Steves' butt as he leaves*

*suggests Steve put some clothes on*

A US study has shown that rhesus macaques will pay to look at images of powerful or sexually interesting fellows.

They forgot to add NTTAWWT.

Just t'aint right.

Sort of explains why I find the gossip rags about as interesting as a monkey's butt...

...The monkeys do not necessarily know they are looking at a picture, he adds, so their behaviour is consistent with what they might do in a face-to-face situation...

Note to scientists - that is a face-to-booty situation, not face-to-face.

Note also they were paying to look at the faces of the dominant males, not their butts (NTTAWWT).

"Macaques Monkey Juice" = AGNF a gay bar? NTTAWWT, of course.

So it's either a male monkey's face or a female monkey's ass. I'm not going any farther down this road. There be machettes in the vicinity.

What are 'Things You Like To Spank'?

*wonders why it's not that inexpensive for humans - well, the female butt part*

Monkeys pay in cherry juice. Humans pay in houses, cars, alimony, and child support. Hmmmm...

If macaques had computers. MonkeyButtPorn.com

Kinda makes you wish you were a monkey's uncle, huh Hammie??


Loudmouth, I wouldn't be suprised if "monkeybuttporn" isn't already a fetish you can find on the Internet...

So what do they give the girl monkeys to get them to pose for the provocative pictures? Candy cigarettes?

I'm guessing these are not the nice girl monkeys. These are the girl monkeys that always volunteer for the tobacco and makeup product testing.

Smart humans do not need to pay to see a picture of a female's hindquarters.

I noticed all of the male monkey's hands were hairy. Coincedence ?

You mean I could have used fruit juice instead of a credit card? Why don't the porn sites tell you that?

Oh, wait -- this story is five years old. Maybe the terms have changed.

this was blogged before... but don't tell dave!

Well I'll be a monkey's uncle.

judi, don't worry, Dave's out shopping for a new Juice Machine.

The cherry juice made my keyboard sticky.

bon, that wasn't cherry juice.

If the monkeys get the internet, they will never have to pay to look at the pictures again.

They admire dominant males and female a$$, huh? This explains a lot about our nation's political life.

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