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May 12, 2010


Call Al at ... oh! Whoops. Never mind.

(Thanks to Damon Daniels)


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Proof once again that lawyers are pr!cks.

My friend's OB-GYN is named Dr. Adcock. Her husband has had a field day with that name. bonmot, I'm sure you are excluded from Layzee's remark.


Thank you, nursecindy.

A friend of mine worked for a firm in San Antonio called Cox & Smith. I kept trying to convince him that Mr. Ucker had been made a named partner.

But you know what happens when you give a lawyer Viagra?

He gets taller.

(Yes, I've used that before, but even I can see the humor in it.)

Ha ha, very funny. Shall we lob a few at Alfred Hitchcock next? How about Wally Cox? Sorry, people, it's getting old, and that goes for all the Wang jokes too...

You're right, Steve: it's all cock & bull.

At least he has a place to hang his shingle. Which can be treated by large doses of broccoli.

We also have a car dealership here named Sonny Hancock. And never forget that we here in Charlotte have, Dick Trickle. Surprisingly he is sponsored by Helig Meyer Furniture. I think Badcock Furniture would be more appropriate.

Alcock & Ass. hasn't won a case in 9 months. Doesn't sound like the ball's in their court.

When YOUR firm has gone limp
And you're at an impasse,
Call us: We don't 'scimp'
We're Alcocock & Ass.!

or 'skimp', actually

We have a politician here in New Hampshire named Dick Swett... I think if my last name was Swett and my parents named me Richard, I would a) sue my parents, b) NOT go by Dick and c) legally change my name to something else.

Clear violation of this blog's strict rules against making fun of names. I predict Judi will be fired.

judi might be fired, but who's Judi?

Reminds me of Bronson Alcox, who changed his name to Alcott before his daughter Louisa May was born.

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