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May 25, 2010


Sharks Can Become Invisible

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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How can we know the squirrels haven't?

They sure disappeared in their series against the Blackhawks.

It figures that it's all a ploy to attract chick sharks.

I would follow a bright shiny shark around

Tequila does this for me.

But you can hear them and see the bubbles.

Say, ah, when would any research on uh making this somehow uh doable as a person be completed and available on like Amazon or something?

Oh! I can see this making a great movie--no, wait, I can't...

Luminescent Sharks WBAGNFSomething

Wasn't MartiniShark just here? Where did he go?

Didn't Velvet Belly Lantern Sharks play with Velvet Undergound in their Ultra Velvet tour?

Oh Sharrrrkyyyy....

We're gonna need a bigger fjord.

The squirrels already have those Jedi mind control tricks, so they don't need glowing skins. Also, they tend to gather where there are topless sunbathers.

Horace, that's men that gather where there are topless female sunbathers.

Not very good news for candygram recipients.

Why does Jack Bauer take such big steps?

-to jump over invisible sharks.

I have mixed feeling about showing up on the blog after everyone's gone. It's like going into the company cafeteria after a birthday party. No one's there, but there's a big chunk of cake left. It's a bummer that everyone's gone, but there's still cake.

Played Scrabble tonight with my 11 and 13 year-old sons. I have them convinced that "zitbib" was a word for what some acne-infested teens wore to protect their clothes from exploding pimples.

"zitbib" - nice.

i was wondering if i could combine the ability to become invisible with the ability to emit world-saving mammoth farts - i'd be a superhero. send me to washington and all that.


Nothin' to see here....move along.

Somehow we've gotta work squirrels, breast implants, and robot monkey, into this blog.

But how?

*snork* @ BFF!

Punkin! You been workin' out?

Being on the beach and in the water so much, I've noticed that it isn't so much the sharks are invisible as that people refuse to see them. Or, maybe, people have this vision from documentaries of sharks lazily meandering past, dorsal fins sticking above the waves.
Most I see are small, two to five feet, and moving like race cars, chasing lunch.
It doesn't bother me because I'm not on the menu, although my watch and band are black (no use in advertising).

It figures male shark adolescents
will put out their best luminescence.
It gets sharky chicks,
to admire their dicks,
and causes the utmost tumescence.

Sharks have dicks? I never thought about that.

nursecindy - good.

NC-twin phalli. As do rays and other related.

HA -- I've posted about six times above, and no one knew!

Oh by the way, stop looking at my claspers.

Give it up, MartiniShark. We can see right thru you. HAR!

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