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May 26, 2010



(Thanks to Laura)

UPDATE: Of COURSE there are pictures.


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Or "Flood of Frogs".

Let my people go!

Economic crashes, Second Plague, what's next, a Barry Manilow marathon?

It is "frog season" at Casa de Siouxie and although we don't have enough for a carpet, we have plenty of road kill. Anyone care for flattened frog legs??

If it causes the Euro to fall, we're all in better shape. Well, except if you're a Greek frog.

I can see how millions of Frenchman might be a problem.

Frogs are the one reptile, next to turtles, that I think are cute. However, I wouldn't want a carpet of them.

No pictures?

Just make sure you find a toad stool that matches that carpet.

If I were in that traffic jam, I'd be hopping mad!

Carson, I'm not sure everyone knows you. But I love your show, Queer Eye For The Straight Guy. NTTAWWT.

Much better than that tacky frog linoleum.

In Florida, frogs flood......no, wait. Never mind.

Greek reality tv - "Next week on Giorgo's Parade of Plagues - Armpit Hair!"

O/T: RIP Art Linkletter...97 years young!

Maybe it's like a giant "Frogger" tournament....

On to the logs!!!

I've driven through a less-dense version of this in upstate NY during a rainstorm. The worst part was hearing the "thump, thumpity, thump" as they hopped up and smacked their little heads on the bottom of our car.

'Zactly, Annie. Just last week we had our annual froggy suicide hop across the road. Squishy.

Big deal; there are more frogs than that on my driveway.

The video update shows that Greeks tend to exaggerate the size of their frog carpets. That wasn't even a throw rug.

I bet they wish they had called Empire instead.

You're right, Annie. I was figuring plush, deep-pile, wall-to-wall amphibians in a nice gray-green blend with blue dart accents. This just has to go.

Brek-ke-ke-kek ko-ax ko-ax

*thinks that crossgirl has just nixed any future plans to visit Greece...*

More on Art: of course from my seat on the geezer bus I can spot a lot of others among you out there who used to scream with laughter when he prompted some cherubic boy or girl into spilling all their Mom and Dad's dirty laundry on TV... RIP Mr Linkletter, you earned it...

I was hoping for wall-to-wall, shoulder-to-shoulder frogs leaping over each other. Maybe the cameraman just missed the big migration.They were little bitty frogs to boot.

And here's the best and probably only song ever written on this subject:


They're cute little bitty froggies!

And ribbits to Ralph for the Aristophanes tie-in.

Kermit... We hardly knew ye.

Taxonomically, nursecindy, they're amphibians, not reptiles.

Jus' croakin'.

Am I right, Siouxie, about the taxonomy?

"What? It's not the same kind of 'tax'? Ohhhhhhhh."

I was walking back from the pool one day when it started raining, heavily. I started running. I felt something wet and cool strike the outside of my leg just above the ankle.
When I looked down, there was a tree frog clinging to my leg. He was looking straight ahead and yelling, "Wheeee!"

Tree frogs and gibbons are the party animals of the vertebrate world (excluding homos). NTTAWWT

If a Parisian eats frog's legs, is that cannibalism?

amphibian/reptile. They're all the same.
o/t RIP Art Linkletter o/t

At least it wasn't this kind of frog.

It isn't easy being Greek.

uh, for those of us who are first born, maybe we should be a litttle careful...

Has everyone already played this little froggie "IQ Test"?


Careful all ... the Greek frogs apparently have friends ... and they're coming for ... you!

"It's hard to say what they were doing," he said. "They might not have known what they were doing."


Could anybuddy explain to me why a "non-event" as this in GREECE is a "major" story in the Strib?

Slow news day in Minnepoopolis?

Oh ... I fergot ... it's ALWAYS a slow news day in Minnesnowta ... nevermind ...

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