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May 28, 2010


It's wilder than most.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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*Boards Geezer Bus, tips tail to driver*

Raccoon Invasion WBAGNFA Nicolas Cage movie, co-starring the Baldwin brothers.

"I've had it with these muthableepin' raccoons in this muthableepin' house!..."

...My parents (who live near Missouri's Lake of the Ozarks) tell me they're having a similar problem down there. My dad's trapped several raccoons this year who were getting into their backyard bird feeders and nesting boxes, and a family acquaintance was nearly neutered by another raccoon who got into his garage and attacked him.

Said acquaintance whacked the animal with a shovel and then picked it up by the tail to carry it outside...at which the 'coon, which proved to be merely stunned instead of killed, promptly revived and bit him on the inner thigh, about an inch from the family jewels.

I hear that neither the stitches nor the rabies shots were a lot of fun...

They spent $600.00 on trappers. A shotgun and a box 'o shells'll set you back 'bout a buck and quarter.

Jus' sayin' . . .

Revenge for the Davy Crockett fad in the '50s, I'm guessing.

Try dealing with the little bastards when they get in the house. It's a total nightmare.

Oh, and if I were the Hobsons' I'd invest in an air-rifle and some rat poison. They won't come back if they're dead.

Have they tried bagpipes?

bonmot I like bagpipes! Rampaging Raccoons wbagnfarb.

While camping, most animals that come into camp at night can be scared away by yelling and banging a pot.
Raccoons? Mostly, they jes' laugh.

Raccoons are excellent food for Burmese Pythons; in Florida the problem should be self-correcting in the near future.

A python in the house (except Monty) is a lot quieter and cleaner than a raccoon.

Rocky Raccoon
Invaded their home
Only to find wasn't welcome

eh, you finish it.

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