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May 26, 2010


... are on the way to some rocket scientists and this amazing lady.

(Thanks to Mary Stewart and Tash)


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2. Abuela?

She has exactly the kind of car you would expect a 103 year old woman to own. It is uncanny.


Turns out us Losties were punked by ABC...


Steve, I never thought they were part of the story...just a way to recap the crash. Again, I never obsessed over EVERY SINGLE DETAIL like the more nerdy geeky intelligent Losties ;P

the first group- a$$hats. the second one, that woman is awesome. go, great lady!

Way to go awesome lady! I absolutely agree with her. I've seen so many elderly people just sit down and give up. Waiting to die. It doesn't have to be that way. Speaking of older people sitting around, where is Dave today anyway? (notice I didn't say elderly. I would like to get posted again in this lifetime and Dave is not old) As for the first group I have a feeling none of them will make it to 104 if they keep doing dumb things like that.

My 93-year old grandmother still drives... and reasonably well, too. Good enough to pass the California driving (road) test, with the examiner in the seat next to her.

Well done, Gladys.

One of those kids was alREADY a paraplegic? What were the other ones doing, playing catch-up?


Bet your granny would know not to hold her breath until she passes out while driving, too.

I always like to remember the opera composer Verdi--he came out of retirement in his late 70s to compose Otello and Falstaff, two of his greatest works. I guess he didn't think the fat lady had sung quite enough yet!

2) She gets a FLDL for telling us Sonic uses real ice cream?

Can we give a Florida drivers license to the lady that tried to tell a police officer that I hit her car today? I didn't. She did however come over to my car at a stop sign and started hitting it with her hands and calling me a not so nice name. The police came, because we were across the street from the police station and could hear her yelling and me, told her there was no evidence that I had hit anything especially her car and then she got a ticket for parking sideways in a handicapped space without a handicapped sticker. The nice officer let me go and gave me his phone number in case I needed him. He gets off work at 11:00 pm. I have to confess I went and bummed a cigarette from a friend because I was so upset. Now somebody make me laugh, dammit!

You should have concentrated on the hunky cop who wants to check up on you tonight. Also, you are due for a smack-bottom for lighting up in a time of weakness like that. was the liquor stores all closed?

Is he married?

I'm sure Siouxie and Annie want to know...

How tragic, yet another young person will not walk away from a stupid accident!
That reminds me of the time my buddies and I were playing "smoke out" in a car coming back from bowling. The loser was the first person to roll down a window for a breath of air. Fortunately, it was the driver, who couldn't see through the "fog".
Anybody who can live to 103 and enjoy it is a winner in at least two ways.

Steve - he's single. I checked. But I'm giving this one to nursecindy. She's had a rough day and could use someone who knows his way around a 'nightstick.'

As for story #2, that is one brave cameraman, standing in front of granny's car like that.

Thanks Annie. Sharkie I was on my way to the ABC store but I'll give you a raincheck for the lighting up.

Steve, sounds like your bowling expedition went on a few bowls too long.

Next week you can tell us about your extended trip to the Billabong!

Umm, shouldn't she have had her turn signal on whilst pulling out of the parking spot? She drives that tank, but if someone driving a Prius (or a cyclist, or other such low carbon footprinter) should run into her, they might as well been holding their breath. Just sayin.

I didn't realize the Queen Mary II was also a land vehicle.

You GO, girl!

Gladys doesn't look much over 80. God bless her. Land yachts. Gotta love 'em.

The other fools. Darwin just missed that shot.

I'd hold my breath if I had to pass through GarBut.

Hey nnnnnnursecindy . . . need a lawwwwwwwyer? ;->~

(C'mon. That's got to be good for a chuckle. Or a wry grin, at least.)

And I'm sorry I don't share y'all's warm fuzzies about a women with limited reaction skillz being behind the wheel of a two-ton death reaper.

I was wondering when you were going to show up, bonmot. I wanted to open up a can of whoop a$$ on her but she weighed about 100 lbs. more than I do. The most embarrassing part was when the policeman asked me what I had hit that was red since I have a red scrape on my bumper. Her car was black. I actually hit the bumper of my car a few days ago with my riding lawn mower. He just looked at me and then gave me his phone number.

Nice, cindy. And you didn't even need to use tears to get teh phone number!


As for bonmot's comment, Gladys seemed pretty sharp to me. As long as she's driving locally in daylight she looked competent to me. Granted, see didn't use her turn signal, but then a lot of much younger drivers don't either and she wasn't teting or talking on the phone!

And she looked better at 103 than a lot of us who are much younger look.

Yes, Deere.

bonmot, "snork" but wrong color. More likely "toro"!

Correctamundo, Jeff ... MOST people don't use their signal ... EVER ...

While driving, I'm constantly forced to observe that " ... it's a $)#*($#%$ shame about the broken turn-signal on that new Lexus/Cadillac/Hummer/Whutever*!!!" ... tho I'll hafta confess, often the only thing broken is the driver's ability to drive sensibly and safely ...

(*and don't go askin' me where to find a car dealer that sells "Whutevers" ... )

(And ... don't get me started on the extinctionated nature of the concept of actually BRINGING YOUR VEHICLE TO A COMPLETE STOP @ a stop sign ...)

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