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May 24, 2010


Fashion-conscious men get a lift as the man-heel makes its entrance


(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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Is that Sharkie and bonmot or padraig and Jeff? This could be an entire new look for the male members of the Rock Bottom Remainders.

It makes its entrance and exit in a single smooth motion.

What are they doing at Division these days?

No. No, no, no.

So steady yourselves, because high heels for the heftier sex are making a comeback.

A comeback? That implies they were ever here, which I categorically deny.

No cindy, it ain't me, babe. Besides, with heels like that I'd be playing in the NBA.

Once again, the world slides a little closer to something right out of "The Onion."

I had submitted this with the line, "Didn't we kill these things off during the 70's?!?"

Happy Birthday to Siouxie, Queen of the Blog!!

Yes, heels for men have always been in fashion. Cowboy boots, Cuban heels, platform shoes, etc. Red patent leather stilettos, not so much.

well, happy birthday siouxie.

as to the 'meels', chacun a son gout. however, it looks unbelievably STUPID. but if you want to break your ankles like so many women do, go right ahead. me stickin' to me birkenstocks.

Reason no. 2038 why I am not a slave to fashion.

(My wife says I am also not the master of it.)


*blows noisemakers and tosses confetti and pictures of hot naked men, cracks open the GOOD boxed wine*

Have a wonderful day. May the world treat you like a queen. :) (Not the kind of queen ^^ up there, but a REAL queen.)(NTTAWWT, of course.)

At first I thought the link http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/space/7722455/Aliens-hijack-Nasas-Voyager-2-spacecraft-claims-expert.html would apply, but I read the line closer and it was submitted by Allen and not Alien.

From AA Gill, who is sort of a British version of Dave Barry:

"What is so inexplicable about stilettos is not why women wear them, but why they ever wear them twice."

I must admit it goes nicely with his old-lady pouf-belly.

This is snot what I meant when I said, "Man, heel!

Happy Birthday Siouxie!

Happy, Happy B-day, Siouxie. Sorry I don't have any nekkid or kilted guys to send you. But if I did I would.

Not I, nursecindy. I'm not that metrosexual.

NMUA, here is your "Alien at Division"...

'Fashion-conscious men seem to be discovering the delights of a few extra inches...'

Fashion-conscious women discovered that delight a loooong time ago, iykwim(aityd).

Siouxie, for your birthday, I hope you're out spending money like an epileptic at an auction . . .

cindy, if that was me I'd be wearing a kilt to show off my shapely calves.

'The man-heel — or “meel” as some have termed it'

So, what's next, moob implants?

If you're into birdwatching, that's not actually a male swallow, but instead a common waistless Peruvian abuelita...you can tell from the walker in the far left of the photo.

Ooh, Allen - very nice link hideage!

So, Annie, what we learned from the blog today:
Shrews spit & Males swallow.

Not what they mean by Spike TV. Man-olos.

Thanks, Layzee, N-Sherl, Diva, queenie & bon & Suz!

Wow. Straight as a spring.

Happy Birthday, Siouxie!

Thank you, Kris ;)

funny, but nice pants. i think it fits him.

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