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May 25, 2010


The poll of 1,684 people also revealed that 12% of women did not like seeing other women sunbathe topless, with more than half of these saying it was "distracting" for their partner.

(Thanks to Don Faber)

Possibly Related Item: Nev. woman accused of stealing wine while topless

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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What fast food restaurant did she drive to, and was she still topless at the fast food restaurant?

Methinks they should have sent a cameraman out to cover this vitally important story!

Bad boobs, Bad boobs,Whatcha gonna do, Whatcha gonna do when they come for you.

Where is teh Sun foreign correspondent when you want him?

Patriotic holiday wear made the top 10. Do they mean holiday (vacation) wear that's patriotic, or clothing for patriotic holidays?

And how do they know that it's not just some tourist getting wearable souvenirs?

Not only was she intoxicated but her name is Brandi?

It's all her parents' fault!

I didn't notice, dear.

If they're topless, who cares if they're stingy titters ? ( Wait... what did I say ? )

Approximately 467000% of men are turned on by women who are turned on by women who are topless....

As Dean Wormer might say: "Topless and intoxicated is no way to go through life!"

To which I would respond: "What? I was distracted..."

Poor blog guys. No pictures. Excellent journalism.

Bunch of Boobs.

That's just silly. Of course, tit wouldn't distract us.

Once you've seen one woman naked, you wanna see all of 'em naked.

I feel very focused on such occasions.

*SMACKS to all the blog boys* Pay attention!

This is news?

We constantly complain whenever a story like this fails to include photographic evidence. And yet, if there's one thing in incredible abundance on the internet, it's pictures of boobs. Just do the Google search, guys! The extra couple of clicks are worth it. Um, at least that's what I hear.

The bagging of sun loungers round the pool is the thing that browns off Britons the most on holiday, it has been revealed.

Am I the only one who got a headache trying to read that sentence? When the hell are those people going to start speaking English?

What? No jug mug shot?

Scott, if you keep clicking like that your finger is going to fall off.

I hear ya, Cindy. Duly noted. My whole point was just that, if it's photos of topless women you want, Dave's blog is probably not your best (or only) source. Again, that's what I hear...

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