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May 28, 2010



(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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So what would a "well thought out" plan be for urinating in a restaurant? Oh, yeah. Either do it in the restroom or don't get caught!

Oh, and especially with a name like "Mickle". (Another word for urination is micturation.)

Oh, and FIRST (and second and third?).

When they approached Mickle, they noticed he “smelled of an alcoholic beverage and zesty Italian salad dressing, and had bloodshot, watery eyes,” according to the report.

Zesty Italian Dressing WBAGNFA p0rn star

I think he's available, Siouxie.

Eww. I'll pass this one along to cindy.

Pita bread? Yes, he did.

Brian Harrison Mickle
Did more than let out a trickle
Kitchen staff were distressing
As he ate zesty Italian dressing
To disguise the fact he was pickled

We won't . . .

I'll pass on him also. Thanks anyway Siouxie.

Funny MTB. How did the judge come up with $600 bond? Was $500 too low ? Was $700 too much ? Just wondering.

Another life marked by a single, stupid act. When, oh, when will our young pay attention when we tell them to stay out of Iowa City?

Oh, we got trouble,
Right here in Iowa City,
That starts with a T,
That rhymes with P
And that stands for pee.

When zesty Italian dressing is banned, only criminals will have zesty Italian dressing.

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