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May 18, 2010


Ukrainian President Attacked by Wreath

(Thanks to Peter Metrinko, who says "Send it to Washington.")


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I don't think he was attacked. I think his hair piece sucked the wreath in.

Any word on the French?

Bush did it

Police promptly arrested the Wreath, citing an unprovoked attack.

The wreath, in its defense, said "But his hands were all over me! If you were me, what would you do?"

PS Update 5-19-2010:
The wreath's lawyer refused to comment. Police suggested donations to the Broderrick Crawford Wild
Fauna memorial fund, if the wreath should be found gulty, and tossed in a cell or bin.

I thought one of the henchmen was rushing forward with an assault rifle, but on the second viewing, it was merely an umbrella.

My nannybot has labeled this "extreme".

It's true, bon. The wreath was completely naked, and viciously assaulted the Ukrainian President.

lol I love how the guys on the left immediately hold down the other wreath: 'Don't even THINK About It!'

and Meanie's right, bonmot - The wreath is getting laid.

LOL at trustf8. My employer's filter deemed this story "Violent". It doesn't realize I watch 24.

We can watch the Ukrainian President get wreathed and can't watch the Russian get pokered last night. Is there no justice.

Huh, a slight breeze. During Tropical Storm Faye, our neighbor's entire patio furniture set went past our place, one piece at a time. Plus we wound up in possession of someone's really large cactus that we now call P.S., short for Phallic Symbol. Bet he'd prefer the wreath.

I think everyone must be forced to Register these things...

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