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May 19, 2010


Four men arrested in attempted cow tipping incident

(Thanks to Not My Usual Alias)


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So cow tipping is a load of bull?

I heard you shouldn't tip them more than 15%, or they fall over.

The secret is to wear red and only try to tip the bulls.


Cheesehead wanna-bes.


Is there any way to move Illinois farther south? We definitely need some kind of no-FIB zone. We'll kick in for the barbed wire.

Snipe hunting is out of season right now.

After the arrest, one of the bovines stated, "We bulls wobble but we don't fall down."

Cow tipping hard? Nonsense! Use a shotgun.


...pretty little ladies, all in a row...

Extreme cow tipping

My father-in-law asked me to feed his cows while he was on a trip. He warned me about the bull, a large but gentle soul that liked to play a game called "lean on the human". He would lean sideways while you were placing hay in the trough and puush you to the side.
From that experience, it should be re-named "man tipping".
Oh, the bull was very gentle but he did enjoy his game. Also, this huge animal would go charging up to my father-in-law, stop dead, then search through his pockets for the corn the man always had. A thousand pound puppy.

*snork* @ bon's weebles! (& i didn't need the link - tho we were more of a lego family)

'fraid we didnt have those in my queens neighborhood. the first cows i ever saw up close were at teh farmer's museum in cooperstown, NY. (upstate NY) i was in grad school. I had NO IDEA that cows were a) really, really that large, and, b) that they could eat and s**t simultaneously. i was grossed out.

Tip the veal, try the waitress.

I think dave was 'tipping' in his last interview...

The four are aged 21, 21, 20 and 21. Alcohol better have been involved.


Like the guy said, you could get hurt. Dairy cows are handled a lot and usually gentle, but mostly with people they know. They can get excited when surprised and can kick you into the next county with a hind leg, even when you are standing in front of them.

If those guys picked on beef cattle, which aren't handled much, they could get badly stomped just for walking too close. No bulls need be present, just a mama cow with a calf to protect is a formidable force.

tf8, don't confuse cow tipping with cow tippling. Especially when it's your turn for the next round.

Many snorks to all, with oak leaf cluster to Meanie for the 15% and bonmot for the weebulls. (And no, I didn't need the link either; I'm in touch with my cultural roots:)

Much easier than bull shipping.

Good one, bon.

Let me guess - all this was done while listening to 'flight of the Valkeries'.

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