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May 28, 2010


Now they're tying to ban dwile-flonking.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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this sounds like a python bit that didnt make it to air.

i am so there. (gulp) *flonk*


When Dwile-Flonking is outlawed only outlaws will Flonk their Dwiles.

"It is expected to attract a large crowd of spectators who will also be able to see welly wanging and horseshoe pitching."

Americans and the British; two peoples separated by a common language.

All right, shenanigans! Now they're just making words up to see if the press will repeat them...

I try not to flonk my dwile in public. I am a lady.

*closes door*
"Wanna flonk my dwile now, baby?..."

If get anything from this article, it should be that The Norfolk Dwile Flonkers WBAGNFARB.

Not making them up, they're just passing 'em along, AaD.

Please flonk responsibly.

There is Absolutely 'No Flonking Dwile Bonking' .....
er, 'No Bonking While Flonking' in my jacuzzi!

and No Flonkin' Jacks dwhile Bonkin' Jacks, nor Jills-on-Jills, nor Jumpin' Jacks, nor Jills on Pills, & Absolutely NO Flonkin' Fools who Don't Know their Jills from their Jacks!!!!

....altho Flonk 'n Bonk is kinda fun ;)

Not one guy on this blog would ever hit his target so he would have to drink the large container of ale. Oh yeah. I almost forgot. *SMACKS* Allen's dwile.

Only one beer needed for the whole game.

*Does belly-flop into trustf8's jacuzzi*

*Finds frogs, tarantulae, wife eaters, bees, snakes, telly mind readers, shaved biebers, trunks, flonking bonkers .......*


*crosses meanie's name off invitation list*

((**while snorking**))

tarantulAE . . . nice.

Trustf8 took to flonking her dwile;
It fit her "Gone Wild" life style.
You'd better be boozy,
when in her jacuzzi,
to face what's in there with a smile.

*snork* & applauds ljones for knowing im ALL GIRL ;)

So when we drink to DAMMIT or PERIMETER it's a variation of dwile flonking?

The real question is what drinking game had they been playing when they came up with this one?
As they say in Texas, "Ain't much of a reason to party. But (loooong belch) it's the only one we got!"

I'll be late to the dwile-flonking, but I should be there for the welly wanging.

She said: “It is just a bit of local tradition and this is a shot in the eye to pubs."

I thought that you were supposed to use vodka for the shot in the eye.

I blame the Bush administration.

"It was a key element and they would now be having a crisis meeting at the pub to determine an acceptable change to the rules."

Is it too late to attend this meeting? Many pints of ale will have to be drunk to solve this crisis. I am going to start without them.

" Common Baby dwile my flonk.."
Morrison's orignal lyrics

Everybody now,

"When a body meets a body,
Flonking through the dwile...."

Makes as much sense as "Auld Lang Syne."

You know how you've peeved me, now that's very unwise
You know that you have, 'cause there's panic in your eyes

I can flonk my dwiles and dwiles and dwiles and dwiles and dwiles
Oh yeah

If you think that I don't know how it is, you little pricks, you'll pay
You'll never see me when intensely I welly your wang in unpleasant ways

Well, this dwile's soaked for you
You're gonna choke on it too
And before you turn tail
Here's a pot full of ale

I can flonk my dwiles and dwiles
I can flonk my dwiles and dwiles
I can flonk my dwiles and dwiles and dwiles and dwiles and dwiles
Oh yeah

We don't drink,
We don't smoke,
Norflonk, Norflonk.

(A variation on the Norfolk State University cheer)

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