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May 19, 2010


One by one, we're losing all of our fundamental rights.

(Thanks to dfechter and Peter Metrinko)


(Thanks to Barbara A)


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I always do my short selling fully clothed, even in the shower.

Maybe it was short for "biochemist"

Re the Update:

Her next plate should have been THEN UDI

Who knew that shorts would sell for so much. Commando stocks and bonds. Sounds dirty. Sumdabioch.

In New England, it's spelled BEYOTCH.

They should get the tag back and give it to the lady who complained. It works better that way.

She doesn't look like a bioch.

meanie: did you forget the 'J' on that license plate?

j/k s.b.!

When naked short-selling is outlawed, only outlaws will sell shorts naked.
Thank you.

The Naked Short Sellers are a band?

Wait--they let women live in Manville?

An egregious 'cover-up' in my books.

Happily, not all naked short-selling is banned.

Moreover, you can sell many other products naked - so we don't need to get our 'shorts' all tied into a knot.

Some N@ked Short Sellers?

Well, Germany IS liberal in that aspect - there were many times while visiting n@ked beaches .... well, that's another story ...

I'd like to know the viewpoint of the guys in prison that made the original license plate. Why doesn't someone ask them?

Slightly OT:

I wonder how long it took after the oil spill for someone to get a license plate that says "IH8BP".

/Slightly OT

One person complained so they recalled the plates? Give her old plates to them. I think they deserve them.

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