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May 25, 2010


Officers found a fizzing homemade bomb planted in a portable toilet near a construction site at Turtle Bay and decided the safest way to detonate it was to shoot at it.

Key We-Do-Not-Pay-Them-Enough Quote: After five shots with a .22 caliber rifle, the bomb exploded, spraying the contents of the toilet everywhere. One of the bomb squad members was covered in feces, according to the police report.


(Thanks to Robin Johnson)


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Looks like the space shittle.

As reported in the Sandusky Register.

Crapshoot, indeed.

That would make a great Fox show, now that I think of it. Maybe Simon Cowell could host.

I think they meant dangerous "ordnance", although sometimes I wish there were laws against dangerous laws.

Only a government agency would do it that way.

This sort of thing never happened to Jack Bauer. Obviously an oversight on the writers' part...

...I think I'd want something with lots more range than a .22, were I given such an assignment.

Did this never happen on Bones?

Another case of a bunch of guys wanting to blow something up.

I'd prefer the bees.

These guys really failed to keep the seat down.

I was caught in a traffic jam once where police had located a portable meth lab. They were worried that a pressurized ammonia tank had a little leak in it. Solution? Shoot it.
Gotta admit it stopped leaking.
The funniest part was, it was about 20 degrees out. They made the (contaminated) meth heads strip in the median of the Interstate and get hosed down by icy water from the fire department.
You can't pay for entertainment like that.

Never heard of the "exploding whale" trick, have they?

I knew Jack Bauer shouldn't have waited 8 years before going to the bathroom.

At least the cops had something to go on.

(SOMEONE had to say it)

I grew up in Lorain County. God bless 'em. But this strikes me as the equivalent of... I dunno... packing a whale with dynamite?

Explosive diarrhea.

You gals love your shiny things; we guys love our 'splosions!

The new FOX show SHOOTERS promo really looks
"explosive!" I wonder if they will promote the
show with 3d, or that other "popular" enhancement,

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